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on Conversion Rate Optimization is an excellent website that features a new A/B test case study every week. We love the concept, but what we love more is their annual testing awards. Every year, they judge A/B tests done in that year under several categories (like button tests, copywriting tests, checkout page tests, etc.) and award the best ones.

This year A/B tests conducted using Visual Website Optimizer won 9 awards. We won awards in multiple categories and won across all levels (gold and silver). In this post, you can read and explore those award winning A/B tests.


Details: Ecommerce Shopping Cart Redesign Test – Which Version Raised Sales?
Category: Ecommerce Cart Tests
Who conducted the test: FutureNow


Details: Did Single-Page or Multi-Page Product Lists Increase Ecommerce Sales 35%?
Category: Ecommerce Category Page Tests
Who conducted the test: E-Dialog


Details: Does Adding Social Proof – Such as Test Drives Requested This Month – Increase Leads?
Category: Automotive Tests
Who conducted the test: Traffic4U


Details: Ecommerce Store Page Template Radical Redesign Test
Category: Ecommerce Product Page Tests
Who conducted the test: Brooks Bell


Details: Does Adding a Form Field to Start the Buying Process Directly from a Homepage Raise Sales?
Category: Finance Tests
Who conducted the test: Online Dialogue

Smiley Cookies

Details: Selling cookies online? Next-day shipping offer may increase sales by 41%
Category: Header/Banner Icon Tests
Who conducted the test: Trinity Insights


Details: How four additional sentences increased signups by 91% for AwayFind
Category: Landing Page Tests
Who conducted the test: Marketing Genius


Details: Live Chat widget increases signups by 31%
Category: Lead Generation Tests
Who conducted the test: In-house


Details: Do ‘Add to Cart’ Buttons Improve Sales From Ecommerce Search Results Pages?
Category: Search Results Tests
Who conducted the test: FutureNow

Hope you liked these award winning A/B tests. For more success stories where Visual Website Optimizer was used, please go to our case studies section.


CEO of @Wingify by the day, startups, marketing and analytics enthusiast by the afternoon, and a nihilist philosopher/writer by the evening!

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  1. Surprised with the first two test results – Party works and Palmers. I always thought more information is always less impact.

  2. […] is the case of the Visual Website Optimizer’s post on the 9 award winning tests that used their software. Or, even better, the series of articles on A/B testing from ion […]

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