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Optimization in Marketing

Lessons From The Explosive Growth of Online Learning During Covid-19

Duration: 60 minutes


Michael Berliner

Michael Berliner

Sr. Product Manager, Growth @MasterClass

He employs a high-velocity, methodical, battle-tested process which identifies and executes on revenue growth opportunities through product and marketing channels. Michael records his thoughts on growth on his website - mikecrunch.com

Rajit Dasgupta

Rajit Dasgupta

Head of Growth Product


Rajit Dasgupta leads all things organic growth at Springboard. He is at the driver’s seat amid the disruption and will have unique stories to share.

About The Session

COVID-19 has created unprecedented opportunities for online learning companies. Although traffic and new learner registrations have peaked during the lockdown, the only enduring competitive advantage for e-learning companies lies in being able to engage these learners in the long term. 

Join VWO along with growth leaders at MasterClass & Springboard in a freewheeling conversation around what successful online learning companies must do to grow.

What will be covered

  • The e-learning funnel: How does the learner journey from course research to completion evolve?
  • E-learning goals and KPIs: Have traditional goals of e-learning changed? Which goals are more important today and why?
  • The new optimization process for online learning: Has the experience optimization process changed and for what?
  • Advice for other e-learning companies: If you are new to optimizing learner journeys, where do you get started?
  • New opportunities because of COVID-19: When a door closes, another opens. What are some new doors within e-learning?

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