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Accelerated Learning Through Experimentation at Intuit

Duration: 60 minutes


Rhys Mohun

Rhys Mohun

Principal eCommerce Manager

Intuit TurboTax

Rhys is an e-commerce and channel lead at TurboTax, Canada. He works for website & business experimentation and works with a team of designers (UX team) & web developers who help him implement the tests that they run.

Ted Chiasson

Ted Chiasson

Senior Experience Design Manager

Intuit TurboTax

Customer-centric design leader with an extensive background in design thinking and leading teams to create delightful product experiences.

About The Session

Learning about human behavior is a vital aspect of the experimentation process. You build an idea around what could be the improved digital experience that will influence the buyers to buy your service or products. And then buyers tell you what they think about your idea.

At Intuit TurboTax, the pace of learning through experiments has increased in the past few years. This acceleration in learning is attributed to 3 factors:

  • access to self-serve data
  • design principles for rapid decisions
  • technology for rapid prototyping

These factors are guided by well-defined innovation frameworks used at Intuit:

  • Customer-Driven Innovation (CDI)
  • Design For Delight (D4D)

Rhys Mohun and Ted Chiasson are here to talk about learning at speed at Intuit.

Key Takeaways

  • Empower teams to make informed and confident decisions on their own
  • Limiting handoffs between teams to reduce delay in the experimentation process
  • Segregating signal from the noise and expanding strengths through customer-driven innovation