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How increased conversions by 80% by A/B testing small changes is a Dutch blog/magazine on the topics of usability, user experience and human-centered design. It’s an initiative by Concept7, which is one of our agency customers. During last few months, they had been running couple of split tests on the magazine site using Visual Website Optimizer. As you will read, they increased the conversion rate by as much as 80% simply by testing a different phrase. This result is similar to our previous A/B testing case studies where a small change indeed resulted in a significant improvement in conversions. We are proud to share a joint-case study on A/B testing below:

You can also download the A/B testing case study in PDF format. Please feel free to share, tweet, embed the presentation to spread the word about potential of A/B testing for improving conversions. If you want to read the transcript for the presentation, here it is:

  • A/B Testing on Using Visual Website Optimizer Rick Venema [email_address] +31(0)50-3600233 Paras Chopra [email_address] +91-98682-21372
  • First Test Traffic to “Huur mij in” (“Hire me”) page
  • The button is called “Huur mij in” (“Hire me”) which might scare people away because they probably don’t want to do that right away or first want to now something about Stefan which is also on that page. A Statistics (Sept. 2010) Visits 5712 Clickthrough rate 2.8%
  • Hypothesis : By changing the label to “Over mij” (“About me”) people will be more inclined to click on the link to view more information about Stefan. B Statistics (Sept/ 2010) Visits 5096 Clickthrough rate 5.1%
  • “ About Me ” had 80% higher clickthrough rate as compared to the text “ Hire Me ” First Test – Results and Conclusions Conclusion : by decreasing the weight of the label and making it more personal, visitors will more likely click on the link.
  • Second Test Traffic to “Magazine” page
  • The label “Ik meld me aan voor het magazine” (“ I want to subscribe to the magazine ”) sounds like you get yourself into a paid subscription if the visitor doesn’t notice the free banner (alongside, as a red button). A Statistics (Sept. 2010) Visits 1000 Clickthrough rate 6.7%
  • Hypothesis : By changing the label to “Gratis aanmelden” (“Free subscription”) the visitor is more likely be encouraged to click on the link. B Statistics (Sept. 2010) Visits 1040 Clickthrough rate 9.8%
  • “ Free Subscription ” had 46% higher clickthrough rate as compared to the text “ I want to subscribe the magazine ” Second Test – Results and Conclusions Conclusion : by highlight the “ free ” aspect of the offer, a visitor doesn’t need to think a lot before clicking on the offer.
  • About Visual Website Optimizer
    • World’s easiest A/B and Multivariate testing tool
    • Made for marketers; no technical experience needed
    • Only insert code once in the website; and then create unlimited number of tests from the interface
    • Integrated Heatmap and Clickmap reports
  • About Concept7
    • We are a team of passionate designers, that help companies grow their online business. We believe in the power of Human Centered Design. Therefore, we design websites, inspired by the people who’ll use them.

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