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A/B Split and Multivariate Test Duration Calculator

How long should you run your A/B test?

Estimated existing conversion rate (%)
Minimum improvement in conversion rate you want to detect (%)
Number of variations / combinations (including control) ?
Average number of daily visitors
Percent visitors included in test?
Total number of days to run the test: X days

How to calculate the total number of combinations?

The total number of combinations in a test can be easily found out by multiplying the number of variations (including the control) you have in each section. for example, if you have two variation in your website which you want to vary: headline and ad copy. For headline, you have 3 variations(control, short ad copy). The possible number of combinations using these variation is: 2 X 3 = 6. Similarly, if we had 3 sections with variations 3,4,2; the total number of combinations became 2 X 3 X 4 = 24. Also, obviously, if we have a single section in the test, number of combinations is equal to number of variations

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