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UX Analytics and Experimentation for eCommerce Growth

Duration: 60 minutes


Narayan Keshavan

Narayan Keshavan

Head - Digital Analytics (Design Analytics)

Dell Technologies

Narayan is a leader in the Design Analytics organization that manages the global charter for experimentation led enhancement of UX and online business KPIs for Dell.com, one of the top eCommerce websites in the world.

About The Session

The primary challenge for eCommerce businesses is to get people on their website. The next challenge is to get them to purchase products. Digital marketers work tirelessly to understand the entire customer journey from discovery to purchase and find ways to influence customer intent.

If the website does not offer a great experience to users (from the beginning), these efforts will not translate into a commensurate growth in revenue.

In this session, Narayan Keshavan from Dell Technologies will focus on the importance of UX Analytics and Experimentation as key enablers for eCommerce revenue growth.  Based on his experience in this area, he will outline some key principles that are necessary to effectively leverage experimentation to offer a superior experience to users and enhance the business KPIs. He will also use specific A/B tests to articulate the significance of these principles.

Key Takeaways

  • An overview of the experimentation framework followed at Dell Technologies
  • Key principles that form the foundation of an effective experimentation strategy
  • Examples of A/B tests to emphasize these principles