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Optimization in Product

Product-Led Growth Through User-Journey Optimization

Duration: 60 minutes


Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta

Growth Products


Ankit is a seasoned digital executive, growth hacker, and strategist. With a strong experience in the eCommerce industry, Ankit believes in building an analytics-driven culture.

About The Session

It has become increasingly important to drive business objectives by doing experimentation and learn to fail fast. Internet companies like Airbnb, Pinterest, Facebook, Netflix rely heavily on product innovations to drive growth with fast pace changes in their product and user journeys for continuous improvements.

In the post-COVID world, organizations will move towards product innovation that brings their business back on track and gains user trust.

Ankit Gupta is responsible for building growth products at Myntra. In his session, Ankit will share his learnings from his personal meetings with the growth leaders and how the implementation of those strategies helps deliver growth in his organization.

You will learn

  • What do the leaders and other product managers say about experimentation
  • Why A/B testing is important to understand success
  • Key user themes that drive growth
  • What is the recipe for a successful growth-product team
  • Failure in experimentation is as important as success