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Optimization in Product

Zendesk’s Director of Product Caroline Hynes on Building Great Products

Duration: 60 minutes


Caroline Hynes

Caroline Hynes

Director of Product


During her 20+ years in product, she has worked in a number of companies including The Walt Disney Company, Paddy Power, and Intercom. She is passionate about people, building great products, innovation, improving how we work and collaborate, education, and women in STEM.

About The Session

In this exclusive LIVE interview, Caroline will share her experience building great products in the banking, media, and software sector. She will share her passion for innovation, improving the way we work and collaborate, and women in STEM.

As a director of product at Zendesk, the world’s leading customer service & sales software, we will be asking Caroline to share her thoughts around product/feature prioritization, incorporating voice-of-customer in the development process, keeping the team together when working remotely, and more.

Key Questions

  • What trends do you see in terms of women participation in CRO or PM roles?
  • What are the key sources of VoC (voice-of-customer)?
  • How does your product team work and plan with cross-functional teams?