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Stop guessing what your visitors really want

To understand why your visitors are not converting, you need to understand their behavior on your site deeply.

VWO User Insights brings in everything you need to get a holistic understanding of your visitors - recordings, heatmaps, scroll maps, form analysis and surveys - in a connected platform.

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Heatmaps and Recordings

Use heatmaps and recordings to discover why specific visitors are dropping off

Notice a high drop-off from one stage of the funnel to the next? You can view session recordings and heatmaps for only those visitors who dropped off at a particular stage with a single click.

You can also view recordings and heatmaps only for those visitors who did not convert for a specific goal just as easily.

This helps you understand friction points in a specific buyer, avatar, or persona journey and easily identify opportunities for growth and testing with that segment.

Understand friction points in your form with form analysis

Find out how visitors interact with your forms and what causes them to drop-off with form analysis. You can also see which fields caused them the most confusion, took them the most time, or needed the most refills.

You can watch recordings of visitors who did not submit the form or struggled with a field for a long time to really understand what’s causing them the confusion.

Friction points in forms
Customer Feedback

Hear directly from your customers about their hesitations with on-page surveys

Observing visitors tells you what’s happening, but not why it is happening. You can understand visitor hesitation by asking them directly using on-page surveys. Decide who you want to show the survey to, and when.

You can even watch the recording of a visitor who says on a survey that they are not likely to recommend your services or give you a low NPS score, or ask follow up questions to dig deeper using conditional branching logic.

Build a central insights repository to increase experimentation success

Noticed that a user is not able to find a product in the recording you are looking at? Does the heatmap tell you that a lot of users are clicking on text thinking it's a link?

You can add your observations and insights right when you are viewing the recording or heatmap, and they will be added to a central repository. That way, you don't miss out on any insight as you are putting together the hypothesis for your next experiment.

Your whole team can join in as well. And there's a Chrome extension too.

Add observations in between heatmaps

Convert insights into experiments easily

The insights don't just sit in a central repository. You and your team can collaborate to combine multiple insights into an experiment hypothesis using frameworks recommended by CRO experts.

And once you have a large pipeline of hypotheses, you can use the Kanban board to select a new hypothesis for testing and manage it across various stages from backlog to completion.

illustration representing experiments

Learn how users are interacting with different variations you are testing

Testing a new mega menu on your website? Want to know how visitors who saw the new menu on the website are navigating the website vs the ones who saw the previous one?

Ran a test with a new hero image on the homepage which you expected to increase clickthrough but it didn’t?

Understand exactly how visitors are interacting with your variations, and why are they behaving the way they are with heatmaps and recordings for all the different variations you have created.

illustration representing how users are interacting with different variations you're testing

Case Study

Ubisoft Logo - VWO Client

How Ubisoft used VWO User Insights to run tests and increase leads by 12%

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We ran a series of A/B tests based on the data we gathered by using Heatmaps, Scrollmaps and Surveys available on the VWO Platform. It helped us to identify key elements on our websites that needed a deeper look.

Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes

Digital Marketer, Ubisoft

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