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Showpo Creates A Delightful Customer Experience With VWO To Maximize Conversions

6% Revenue

About Showpo.

Showpo is an online fashion retailer with young women as its primary target customers. It is a pure-play women’s fashion company with a vision “to be her go to place to shop”. Showpo’s annual revenue for the last year was over $30 million, and a little more than a third of its sales occurred internationally.

Because of its excellent optimization efforts and structured CRO process, Showpo has been winning the Online Retailer Industry ORIAS award for Best Site Optimization and Design for 2 years now. We got in touch with Mark Baartse, CMO of Showpo, and Felicity Ieraci, Showpo’s UX Designer to learn about the multiple tests that VWO Services helped them and their team conduct on the company’s website and product pages.


With the aim of marrying their qualitative approach with VWO’s quantitative approach, Showpo started using VWO early this year. The objective was to create a better customer experience, and in the process, optimize conversion rate and LTV.

Working with VWO has been great. They provide a great level of quality from concept to execution and analysis.  

Felicity Leraci

Felicity Leraci

UX/UI Specialist
213 Showpo


Showpo was facing internal resource constraints, especially data resource constraints.

Another challenge was that to tackle its conversion problems, Showpo had hired an agency. The results the agency was producing were dissatisfactory, and it also proved to be expensive.

Tests run

Mark and his team in collaboration with VWO Services ran a series of campaigns to optimize Showpo’s website and improve conversions. While a few of them are still running, here are the ones that reached completion and generated positive results:

1. Increasing revenue by 6.09% through increased upselling

Goal: Based on the hypothesis that adding a free shipping strip on the product pages would result in increased upselling, the goal set was to increase revenue.

Solution: Both Showpo and VWO teams decided to add a “Free Shipping” strip on the product pages and created 2 variations—one with a pop-up and another without it. This campaign was run for mobile users as well so that Showpo’s entire customer base could be tested.

This is what the control looked like:

In both the variations, the free shipping strip not only notified the buyers about the free shipping option but also calculated and shared the balance amount required for the buyer to be eligible for free shipping. This is what the strip looked like:

This is what variation 1 (without the pop-up) looked like:

This is what variation 2 (with the pop-up) looked like:

Result: In this campaign, variation 1, which did not have the pop-up, emerged as the winner with a higher visitor count as well as more instances of upselling, leading to higher revenue generation than both the control and variation 2. The campaign was run for 44 days and generated $22,080 additional revenue, that is,  6.09% uplift in revenue over the control.

In variation 2, the buyers were not able to see the strip clearly because of the pop-up window. As a result, they directly went to the cart page without adding more products, leading to limited growth. Now, variation 1 is served to all their users.

The same campaign was run for the desktop and tablet users for the same number of days. Here too, variation 1 emerged as the winner with a higher visitor count as well as higher revenue generation than the control or variation 2. Variation 1 generated $13,834 higher revenue, that is, a 5.22% uplift in revenue over the control. Variation 1 is now served to all Showpo users.

2. Newsletter Subscription (all devices)

Goal: Showpo’s largest source of email subscribers are Join Newsletter reminders. Therefore, the goal of the campaign was to increase newsletter sign-ups on the sign-in and checkout pages. On both pages, users can sign up for the Showpo newsletter by selecting the required check box.

Solution: The Services team changed the copy of the check box and wanted to test whether this change affects the number of user sign-ups for the newsletter. Two variations were created with different copies to be tested against the control.

The copy in the Control read “Join our Newsletter.” This is what the control looked like:

Variation 1: “We wouldn’t say EXCLUSIVE if we didn’t mean it! Join our newsletter to find out.” This is what variation 1 looked like:

Variation 2: “Lead the fashion pack – sign up to our mailing list for exclusive access to special discounts and the newest styles!”. This is what variation 2 looked like:

Result: After running the test, variation 1 showed a 175.52% increase over the control in newsletter signup through the sign-in page and a 146.78% increase over the control in newsletter signup through the checkout page.

With VWO’s visual editor, you can generate text alternatives for existing copy on your page. You can also A/B test these alternatives to check what works best. Take a free trial to start using this AI-based feature!

3. Decluttering the product information section (Desktop and Tablet)

Goal: Increasing the number of purchases, thereby generating a higher revenue over the control

Solution: This is what the control looked like:

As per valuable insights from Mark and his team, the VWO Services team highlighted the pricing, discount, and product review stars and also enhanced the visibility of Add to Cart CTA. The purpose was to declutter the product information section. This campaign ran for 27 days from July 12–August 7, 2018, and was directed only to desktop and tablet users. This is what the variation looked like:

Result: The campaign ended with the variation yielding positive results. The conversion rate was specifically high in the case of new users. With the variation, for new visitors, Showpo was able to get 1.33% higher purchases, and then generate around $19k of higher revenue.


Following a structured CRO process and utilizing the capabilities that VWO offers, Showpo  optimized major components of its website, resulting in an overall optimized funnel. With help from the VWO Services team, Mark was able to upsell more products, increase newsletter subscriptions and also improve the overall product information section. All of this led to significant increase in conversion and revenue generation as shown above. Showpo also has multiple campaigns planned as the next steps for ongoing improvements. Building a CRO roadmap and implementing it becomes easy with VWO. Take a free trial today to find out how.

VWO Services have been great to work with, they are always very proactive, and work well as an integrated part of our broader CRO strategy.

Mark Baartse

Mark Baartse

213 Showpo
213 Showpo


Sydney, Australia




6% increase in Revenue

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