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How Elegant Steps Increased Its Mobile Conversions Using VWO

200% Conversion

About Elegant Steps

Elegant Steps sells wedding shoes in the UK, both online and in store. More than 50% of its customers are females, a bulk of whom are brides-to-be looking for wedding shoes.


Based on the GA data, Elegant Steps wanted to optimize the mobile version of its website and increase conversion rates for mobile users.


A study of the Google Analytics (GA) data of Elegant Steps revealed that while its desktop website was converting at 2%, conversions through the mobile version were much lower, at about 0.6%.

Tests run

Hit Search, the company’s digital marketing agency, wanted to dig deep into the lower conversion through the mobile web site. Using GA data, heuristics, and VWO’s scrollmaps and heatmaps solutions, they found that:

  • Hardly any visitors scrolled to reach the Shop by Brand section on the home page.
  • Elegant Steps’ 3 main USPs, which included free shipping, did not appear above the fold on mobile devices.
  • Text across the home page image was hard to read because it was the same color as the background.

This is how the original home page looked on mobile:

Armed with the above findings, Niall Brooke from Hit Search set about optimizing the mobile home page to enhance site appeal. The team decided to:

  • Introduce the Shop by Brand section higher up on the page, as the presence of an established name is known to help instil trust and assuage fears.
  • Many studies have found that unexpected shipping cost is the biggest reason for cart abandonment. It was hypothesized that displaying “Free Shipping” above the fold will help reduce the bounce rate and encourage users to continue down the conversion funnel.
  • Change the CTA copy from the generic “Shop Wedding Shoes” to the more personal “Find my new wedding shoes.”
  • Change the text color on the image for the text so that it can be read easily.

This is what the variation looked like:

Using VWO’s targeting capability, Hit Search ran the new version of the home page against the original only for mobile visitors. Niall set VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistics engine to the High-Certainty mode.


The results kicked in within a month, and these were highly positive. The mobile conversion rate increased by 200%.

A delighted Niall said “The results were positive with almost a threefold increase in conversions and almost a 50% drop in the bounce rate.” He was also impressed with how VWO performed for them.

VWO is a brilliant all-round conversion optimization platform which we use on a daily basis to perform user analysis, A/B and split tests.

Niall Brooke

Niall Brooke

Hit Search (On behalf of Elegant Steps)
81 Elegant Steps
81 Elegant Steps


Wirral, UK




200% increase in Conversion

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