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Analyze how visitors flow through the conversion funnel

Get in the shoes of your visitors with VWO’s qualitative research capabilities. Discover specific insights that help you nudge visitors to the next step.


See what visitors pay attention to and where they drop off

Heatmaps help you visualize where visitors click and in which sections of the page they lose interest. VWO's dynamic heatmaps help you navigate through pages on your website while focusing on how visitors interact with these pages.

Visitor Recordings in VWO

Visitor Recordings

Watch individual visitor journeys through the conversion funnel

With VWO’s powerful tracking capabilities, you can now record any visitor action on your landing pages, ecommerce shops, and travel websites; and measure these actions as goals.

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Form Analysis in VWO


Use form reports to find drop-offs at each form field

Forms are the cornerstones of online businesses, where a large number of visitors drop off. VWO’s Form Analysis provides an overview of how your forms are performing, along with detailed statistics about individual fields.



Run targeted On-page Surveys to uncover the ‘Why’

Observing visitors tells you what’s happening, but not why it is happening. To understand the “why,” use targeted On-page Surveys that help you get deeper insights into the motivations of visitors.

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Connect insights from Analyze features to build a complete picture

The connected VWO Platform allows you to see how visitors who become part of your test campaigns behave differently from others. For example, now you can see recordings of visitors who saw Variation 2 of your A/B test and find out how the changes impact their interaction with the page.

For any positive or negative change in the conversion rate of your key goals, you can derive insights using our qualitative analytics capabilities—recordings, heatmaps, form analysis, and surveys—to find out the reason for that change.

Observing your users will give you ideas to make improvements. Use VWO’s Plan capabilities to collaborate with your team for creating and prioritizing your testing hypotheses, based on these ideas.
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Ubisoft Used A/B Testing to Increase Conversions by 12%

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