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Mobile App Testing

Enhance your in-app user experience by rapidly testing new ideas

Learn which experiences work best with your customers and unlock higher user engagement, retention, and conversions.

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enhance mobile experience through testing

Find out what works, test and learn without limits, and build engaging mobile experiences

Boost your app performance without negatively impacting your users and make data-driven decisions without hampering the buyer's journey.

Launch new app features with confidence

Get real-time answers and the confidence to ensure you’re on the right path. Find out if your users love your app improvements as much as you do - before they uninstall or write negative reviews.

launching new features in your mobile app
improve app engagement and retention using VWO

Improve your app engagement and retention

Implement simple tests such as changing CTA buttons, fine-tuning content, and images to hard-hitting optimizations such as changes in the app flow and logic to find the optimal path to grow user engagement and boost revenue.

Create targeted and personalized campaigns

Segment users into different buckets based on custom variables or actions taken on your app. Create categories such as free users/paid users or users that have opened your app within the last 30 days vs. the ones that haven’t and target your campaigns for specific user groups, without making any code changes.

create personalized campaigns using VWO
track mobile app KPIs using VWO

Track all your KPIs

Set any number of goals, so you can proactively identify all user impacts and trends. Get a 360 degree-view of how users interact with your app, measure ROI, understand elements that trigger conversions, and decide where to focus your future marketing investment.

More control, more power, easy configuration

Reduce user friction, and increase app monetization — all with limited resources and time.

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Easy implementation

VWO’s variables and code blocks make it easy for developers and product managers to create and run an A/B test without deploying code.

flexibility icon

Greater Flexibility

Configure and launch SDK in the way you like. Track users on app launch or when they see the changes in your app.

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High-End Performance

Run as many campaigns and test anything without affecting your app performance. Supported on all apps developed using Objective-C, Swift, and Java.

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Total Transparency

Our SDK is open-source on GitHub. You know what's happening. Feel free to suggest an improvement or change in our code.

Deliver great experiences. Grow faster, starting today.

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