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How to Choose a Testing Platform

Choosing the correct testing platform can get daunting. It’s hard to distinguish between different platforms and their technologies but you should take the time to understand how it affects your conversion rates, page load times or mobile performance. Consider the long-term implications on your website’s performance and experience before upgrading to a paid plan.

Here’s what you should be asking

VWO does not affect your page load time

Does the platform affect my page load time?

Private vs Public CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) ensures that there’s always a server physically close to the user's location to serve the required file. Most websites and apps use a public CDN which isn't specifically optimized for them. VWO's private global Content Delivery Network ensures that your payload isn't battling for bandwidth in the cloud.

Our CDN is dedicated to serving only VWO customers and it only serves our code. Your page is always on top priority and our CDN delivers our code within 99 milliseconds. Using a public DNS can increase the page load time significantly.

Payload size

Testing platforms use javascript (js) to record changes in the control. The way they write the js code determines the size of the js file (payload). Most platforms include a lot of HTML code surrounding the changes. VWO only records the precise change in the page to ensure that the payload is the lowest. Lower the payload the faster the page loads.

VWO can deliver code synchronously or asynchronously

Does the platform itself create test bias?

Asynchronous vs Synchronous Code

The Synchronous method is an old process where the browser first executes all the changes included in the js and then loads the page. This creates a delay in loading the page (sometimes if the js conflicts with some other piece of code, the page doesn't even load or generates a flicker). This interrupts the usual browsing behaviour of the user and basis the experiment. You could end up with results which are false positives.

Like Google and other companies, VWO uses the Asynchronous method where the browser processes code and loads it along with the entire page at the same time ensuring that your page loads fast and correctly.

VWO is more than just A/B Testing

Does the platform offer more value beyond A/B testing?

Install code and start working

Unlike other enterprise-grade products which need heavy integration, you can deploy campaigns by just adding the VWO Smart Code to your site. This can be done through a Tag Manager but for optimal performance it’s best to add it manually.

VWO has been engineered to be completely self-serve and important features aren’t hidden or throttled to push a services layer. You can get as advanced as you want or keep it simple and still get maximum value from the product. VWO is designed to be hassle-free and and for operational simplicity.

Heatmaps and Clickmaps

Heatmaps and Clickmaps are very valuable when it comes to research and analyzing reports and are used frequently by professional CRO experts. VWO provides Heatmaps and Clickmaps with every plan and they are enabled in every experiment by default - you don’t pay extra!

More product features: APIs

VWO offers developer CSS/JavaScript API that allows complete modification of a website without touching any backend code. It also allows you to push data from VWO to other tools.

Dynamically personalize pages for different traffic sources

Can I use the platform for tactical campaigns to increase conversions or sales?

Out-of-the-box personalization

You can use VWO to dynamically personalise your pages for 15+ traffic sources like users coming from mobile or social media, click from different ads, visits from different geographical locations etc. More than 1000 brands are using dynamic personalization to increase their booking funnel penetration, sales and ancillary revenue.

You can add campaign banners, add offers or change headlines and display it only for a specific segment of your traffic to tactically boost sales. You can even personalize your landing pages for paid ads to match the ad clicked.

Can the platform optimize my mobile experience?

Robust mobile editor

With VWO you can load any page in the Visual Editor while simulating iPhone, iPad or Android or Windows phone. This gives you precise control while setting up mobile campaigns. You can optimize your landing pages or your entire website for mobile traffic.

24x7 customer support across timezones

What is the level of customer support?

Customer Support on email and phone

On Enterprise plans you can call us 24x7 across timezones. Regular plans get 24x5 on-call support. We are always available on email with an average reply time of 3 hours. Our Knowledge Base is easy to use and you can find solutions to most questions quickly. If you encounter technical problems or need help setting up advanced tests our Customer Support helps you efficiently with actual code rather than just referring you to help articles.

We are really fanatic about maintaining a high level of customer support!

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VWO boasts a robust 4.3 stars rating on G2CROWD

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300+ testing ideas in our IdeaFactory to help you with testing

Does the platform help me plan my optimization?

IdeaFactory and CaseStudies

You will never run out of ideas with VWO. We actively add new testing ideas to our IdeaFactory each month. Our agency partners regularly contribute case studies on interesting experiments they have conducted. All of this is searchable in the app with easy filtering options to find optimization inspiration.

Customer Success Managers

On Enterprise plans you get an experienced Customer Success Manager to help you plan and implement your experiments for best results. Along with strategic knowledge he also helps you to get started with VWO and get the most value out the product. You also get active post-sales support from your Account Manager.

VWO enjoys 4.3 stars rating on TrustRadius

See how VWO compares with other platforms on Trust Radius

Flexible A/B Testing Plans from VWO

Can I alter the plan to match my business needs?

Flexible annual and monthly plans

On all plans you can roll-over your unused visitors. For each month you can accumulate up to twice your monthly quota. For agencies and enterprises who have seasonal spikes or are planning large experiments, we have annual plans where you get access to your annual quota upfront. Use as many visitors when required.

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