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How Moho Implemented A Simple Idea To Increase Its eCommerce Sales

41% Revenue

About Horloges.nl

The VWO Success Stories page is filled with proofs of how A/B and Multivariate testing increased sign-ups, downloads, sales, or revenue for a number of our customers. Rarely do we come across a customer who shows us how conversion rate optimization has ramifications for the business at large.

That’s what makes today’s success story super special; a simple change leading to higher sales and revenues, which enabled the business to eliminate a cost center.

Moho Internet Concepts is a company based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Moho operates in a competitive market where constantly improving conversion rates is key to get better results and enlarge market share.


The Online Marketing Manager for Moho Internet Concepts wanted a banner above the product images to take lesser space while conveying more information. The test revolved around this change and the desired results.

Tests run

The primary web store of Moho is Horloges.nl, which they use to sell watches from various manufacturers.

Their landing page for the Casio G-SHOCK line of watches contained a 780px x 72px banner, just above the product images.

Moho Control - VWO case study


The text says:

  • Official G-SHOCK dealer
  • Free shipping
  • Tomorrow at home (Simple way of saying “delivered the next day,” thanks to Thomas of Webdesigner.nl for the translation)

The hypothesis behind the change was that greater trust could be established in the minds of the visitors if they were promised a 2-year guarantee along with Official Dealer, instead of only the Official Dealer status.

Here’s the 780px x 52px variation tested.

Moho Variation - VWO case study


This variation says:

  • Free shipping – Familiar with PostNL (Means “reliably with PostNL”, thanks to Thomas for the translation)
  • Tomorrow at home – Order before 16:00
  • Official Dealer – 2-year guarantee on watches



  • On a 95% significance scale, the variation generated 41% more turnover on visitors that visited the G-SHOCK page (in a testing period of 2 months)
  • Average order value improved by 6%

Ramifications for the Business
Horloges.nl used the increased revenue to cover the cost of shipping the watches, meaning that shipping became “free” and stopped being a cost center for the business.

Insights Generated
Horloges.nl has taken this further by showing to customers that they are an “Official Dealer” and further strengthened their credentials by offering a 2 year guarantee. This indicates that it’s very important for customers to trust you and you should work to increase that in all possible ways.

Other Interesting Facts about This Test
Rick Sportel of Moho Internet Concepts reports that he used VWO to create and set up this test in only 30 minutes, changing only about 20 characters of HTML code.

Also, for the first month, the variation didn’t show much increase, but Rick decided to wait for statistical significance and the current result was achieved after 2 months of testing.

159 Moho Internet Concepts


Groningen, Netherlands




41% increase in Revenue

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