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How VWO Enabled ShopClues To Increase Visits-To-Order By 26% From Its Home Page

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ShopClues adopted a hypothesis-based approach to A/B testing of its web site pages using VWO tools. Its optimization efforts yielded spectacular results in terms of increase in visits-to-orders from the optimized pages as well as improvement in quality of visitors.

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VWO consists of a complete set of tools and features using which I was able to infer how visitors use the site (heat maps, visitor-recordings etc) and even how they feel (surveys). Gleaning insights from these data, I could strategize and easily launch A/B tests, multivariate tests, personalization triggers and more to optimize our funnel. The complete process of “data driven” optimization through this tool is self-explanatory and easy to set-up

Divakar Ravichandran

Divakar Ravichandran

on-site merchandising team
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