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VWO Powered Optimization Helped JOSERA Register a Staggering Increase in Conversions Rate

28.79% Conversion


JOSERA is focused on value-oriented and sustainable strategies to meet the responsibility to nature, people, and animals. They sell vegan, veggie, and hypoallergenic food for dogs, cats, and horses in Germany, Poland, and France.

FoodforPlanet is their in-house agency responsible for offline and online marketing activities and has trusted VWO for all the conversion and experience optimization of JOSERA since 2019. We got in touch with Tobias Popp, their Online Marketing Manager, to learn all about their most recent experimental win.


Tobias and the team wanted to change the product detail addressing users who had no intention to buy. This implied a reduction in bounce rate while improving their conversions on the product detail page of JOSERA Kids. JOSERA Kids is a special growth formula for medium and large dog breeds. The low-energy recipe with a tailored protein and fat content supports a moderate growth rate, powerful bone development, and healthy joints. It is best suitable for dogs older than 8 weeks, heavily-built, and supports cardiovascular functions and skeletal development.


Using Google Analytics and other data analytics tools, Tobias and his team at FoodforPlanet identified that the bounce rate on JOSERA’s product detail pages was alarmingly high. An even bigger concern was that sales (conversion rates) were extremely low.

Tests run

Tobias is a firm believer of what every conversion and experience optimization expert advocates – believe in data and in data alone. He uses various scientific models to optimize JOSERA’s website like the LIFT model, 10 Heuristics for User Interface Design, and so on.

Tobias and the team worked on a new product detail page for JOSERA Kids with the objective in mind and employed the above-mentioned models. While the earlier product detail page (control) had the details mentioned in a very tactical, point-wise fashion incorporating multiple colors (for headline and description), the new one (variation) was sleeker with a crisper description.

The control was put against the variation in the form of an A/B Test that was powered through VWO. 2,400 visitors became a part of the A/B test, which ran for 16 days. Traffic was equally split between the two experiences and delivered through VWO Testing. 

The variation recorded a staggering 28.79% increase in conversions.

Here’s a comparison image of the control and variation for your reference:

Control Vs Variation Of Test On Josera Website

If I stubbornly use a scientific model and don’t act according to my best conscience, then I will achieve more success. VWO SmartStats help me make statistical decisions and stick to science! 

Tobias Popp

Tobias Popp

Online Marketing Manager
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SmartStats, VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistics engine is engineered to compute accurate, data-driven results to help you make the right business decisions. Take our 30-day free trial to conduct A/B tests and get easily interpretable results.


JOSERA is now serving the variation to the entire traffic. This is also powered by VWO – 100% traffic directed to the variation. Tobias wants to run many more tests on JOSERA’s product detail pages, learn from each of them, remove the control, and run the variation, as practiced in the current case.

VWO gives you the ease and confidence to validate your test ideas before you ship them. Take a free trial to understand how.


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Experiment goals

Increase transactions by reducing cognitive load


28.79% increase in Conversion

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