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E-Mark Badge Adoption Helped Optimeria Increase Conversions By 32%

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A/B Testing

VWO and Optimeria

[Karsten Lund from Optimeria carried out a 6-month long A/B test and wrote a detailed success story in Danish, and we recommend you to read it here. For those who prefer to read the success story  in English, read this post instead.]

Optimeria is a CRO agency with focus on analysis of browsing behavior and psychology of customers versus non-customers. They use VWO for conversion rate optimization.

In this success story, they test the use of trust badges for one of their clients, House of Kids.


Among the trust badges, some are SSL badges, some good business practices badges, and some even carbon neutral certification badges. Do these badges have any effect?

This A/B test is about making observations in this regard.


Karsten tested the presence of E-mark (the eye-like icon in the image below) on the eCommerce store, House of Kids.

Kaarsten Lund - VWO case study

50% visitors saw this badge, and 50% didn’t. The test started producing great results right from the start, but the team consulted Karsten to run the test longer so that he could be sure about the significance of the results.


Kaarsten Lund VWO case study result


Yes, you read it right, a 32% increase in conversions with the E-mark badge. And Karsten ran the test long enough to make sure that the result was statistically significant.

Interesting Nuggets

  • Karsten observed that if the security badge requires a user to click, it decreases conversions, because s/he is taken away from the website and is not able to complete the purchase. So, the 32% increase in conversions if of non-clickable badge.
  • Karsten observes in the success story that VWO is much, much better and easier than Google Website Optimizer. And, no, we didn’t pay him for saying this? A lot of other users agree with him, though.

Grain of Salt
Even though this particular result has been fantastic, you shouldn’t adopt trust badges on your website without testing them first. Different types of websites/badges combinations may have different results.

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