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BluTV Increased Subscription Trials For Mobile Visitors Using VWO

42% Sign-ups

About BluTV

BluTV is Turkey’s leading subscription-based, over-the-top (OTT) video-on-demand service. Founded in 2015, BluTV offers a wide range of content, including award-winning original programs.

We spoke to Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar, who works as an Optimization Manager at Hype, a VWO Certified Partner performance marketing agency that BluTV hired for conversion optimization across its digital properties. Hype works with BluTV’s product team and has extensively used VWO to run A/B and Split URL tests on BluTV’s desktop and mobile websites.


Being a subscription-based business model, BluTV’s success depends entirely on the number of active subscribers. Their primary objective was to get more of their website visitors to sign up for a paid subscription trial. To be able to start one, visitors must share their credit card information, and are charged only after they’ve completed a 7-day free trial.


Hype began the process by conducting research into visitor behavior on BluTV’s website. On looking into the quantitative data from sources such as Google Analytics, the Hype team found that the conversion rate for mobile visitors was significantly low compared to their website average.

Realizing that fixing the issue of low conversion rate for the mobile visitor segment could heavily impact their objective, Mustafa decided to dig deeper into it.

While conducting visitor research, the two teams also used a third-party heatmaps tool to generate actionable insights.

From their research, the Hype and BluTV’s UX team concluded that BluTV’s existing mobile home page is more focused on serving its active users and less on new visitors.

Tests run

Based on this insight, BluTV and Hype decided to completely revamp its mobile home page. The team intended to address potential areas of improvement identified in the research, and then test those against the existing ones. While designing the new home page for mobile visitors, the BluTV team:

  • Removed all the distractions in the header section, keeping only the logo and sign-in link in the header. The team also included BluTV’s main value propositions, included information about pricing the hero section, and used animation for scrolling.
  • Promoted some of the most popular content available in BluTV’s library for the next section.
  • Added an FAQs section at the end to answer any common queries from different visitors.

The Test

Hype decided to run a Split URL test for the new home page against the older version to see if it impacts BluTV’s conversion rate for mobile visitors. This is how the Original (existing home page) and Variation (new home page) versions looked like:



Result: Hype ran the test for a duration of 19 days and included 89,290 visitors. The Alternative variation increased the conversion rate by over 42%.


The success of this test validated the initial hypotheses and findings made by the teams, and BluTV went ahead with making the new home page live on its website. Since then, Hype has been using VWO regularly to conduct A/B tests on BluTV’s website to test new ideas and hypotheses.

BluTV has many optimization opportunities with its OTT business model. We have been working with BluTV’s wonderful product, marketing and UX teams for their optimization needs for a long time. In our optimization process VWO has been our key tool to drive BluTV’s main goals. Thanks to its easy to use and powerful features, we increased mobile membership trial conversion rate by more than 40%.

Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar

Mustafa Esad Tatlipinar

Optimization Manager (On behalf of BluTV)
117 Hype
37 Blutv


Istanbul, Turkey




42% increase in Sign-ups

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