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Test and validate your Hypotheses in real time

Run all kinds of testing experiments in real life, from simple element changes to a complete redesign of your landing pages.

split testing

Test website redesigns with Split URL testing

Test large design changes with VWO’s Split URL testing.

Design, upload, and start testing

VWO’s Split URL testing allows you to distribute your traffic between two different URLs of the same landing page.

Design yourself

Design and develop your own version of the landing page that you want to compare with the existing one.


VWO lets you self-host the variation that you want to test. Simply enter the URL of the variation in your test settings and VWO will take care of the rest.

Traffic allocation

In addition to defining what percentage of visitors become a part of you test, you can also allocate a different percentage of traffic to your control and variation.

Dive deep into results

VWO offers you comprehensive and advanced reports for analyzing the performance of your Split tests.

Get more intelligent results for making smarter business decisions. VWO’s Bayesian-powered statistics engine produces results much faster than before and gives you more control over your testing.

Bayesian Reports in VWO

Goal/variation performance

See the detailed performance of your test for your selected Goals and variations. Find out the actual impact of the test on goal conversions or compare which variation performed the best.

Conversion rate range

Instead of just reporting the number of conversions as a percentage, SmartStats calculates with 99% probability the precise range in which your true conversion rate lies.

Chance to beat control/all

See how different variations performed compared to your original version and all other variations.

Post-result segmentation

Slice and dice your test results to uncover hidden winners. Find out if a specific segment of your visitors converted drastically different than the average case for a specific goal or variation.

Connect behavioral insights to tests

VWO’s connected platform offers the unique capability of connecting insights from actual visitor behavior with test data and results.

Integrated Heatmaps in VWO

Integrated heatmaps

VWO automatically records heatmaps and clickmaps for visitors becoming a part of your tests. Along with the conversion data for your control and variation, you can visually see what parts of your landing page were more interesting for visitors who converted on the variation

Visitor recordings

VWO lets you filter actual recordings of visitors who saw the control and compare these with recordings of those who saw the variation to spot differences in behaviors.

Live preview and test

See live previews of your control and variation before your visitors begin to experience these.

Live Previews in VWO

Live previews

Live previews in VWO allow you to simulate a combination by loading it as it would load for actual website visitors on their browsers. You can verify variations targeted to unique audience sets, see if your traffic allocation is working as expected or preview the variation on a specific URL.

Cross Browser & Device Targeting

Cross-browser/Cross-device testing

See live previews of your combinations on desktop, mobile, tablet devices, and on different types of browsers to ensure that all your visitors get the perfect experience on your website.

Preview Screenshots in VWO

Preview screenshots

See a static version of your combinations on different browsers. You can group these screenshots by variations or browsers, based on your preference.

Always keep your Goals in mind

Have a specific goal in mind to improve with this test? Specify your goal while creating the Split test and VWO will measure the impact of your test with regards to conversions for your specified goal.

VWO’s Split testing suite has a lot more

Smart notifications

Smart notifications give you a quick overview of your test. You can see if a variation resulted in a smart decision, recommended actions for your test, and how long you need to run this test.


You can schedule you Split test campaigns to start/pause at a specific date/time or run until a specified number of visitors have become part of the test.

Link to a Hypothesis

Connect your Split tests with a hypothesis to see if the results are in line with expectations or not.

Laser-targeted segments

You can use VWO’s advanced visitor segmentation to specify what group of visitors become a part of your campaign. VWO has over 20 predefined segments including new versus returning visitors, browser, query parameter, and others to help you pick the right audience set. You can also create your own custom segments using complex AND/OR and bracketing logic conditions.

Third-party apps

You can pass on your test data to third-party apps to take successive action on test results or analyze in more detail. VWO integrates with a host of third-party applications including Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Demandware, Magento and other.


Run your tests with visitors coming from desktop, mobile, or any tablet device. You can also run your Split tests across domains and capture all the data in a single test.

Download reports

Download your test data in .csv format for offline analysis. Share it with you colleagues for an in-depth analysis of your tests.

Your A/B test results indicate your best-performing variations for specific visitor segments. With this data, you can target customized content to each of these segments for better results.
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