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One Simple Trick to Push Visitors Down the Conversion Funnel

Leave your prospects wondering about the offer and chances are you’ll lose them right there. No one really “wants” to click those “Join Now”, “Free Updates” buttons, you know. There’s nothing thrilling about filling up forms or clicking various call-to-action (CTA) buttons all over the Internet (in case you haven’t realized it by now).

But if you want people to take action, you better give them a reason to do it. Make them curious about what’s ahead or like they say, answer the “what’s in it for me?” question for them. Our customer, Zwitserleven, did exactly this and saw a conversion lift with their quick test.

The Company

Zwitserleven has been providing financial services to companies and individuals for over 100 years now. Their clients include employers and employees of Directors-Major Shareholders (DMSs), Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and various large companies. The main aim of the company is to encourage people to strive for a financially secure old age and a relaxed life after retirement.

Test Hypothesis

The landing page chosen by the company for this test was receiving the highest traffic from Adwords. But its inability to push visitors further into the conversion funnel was the concern that made them decide to run an AB test on this page. They knew that if they could get visitors to click beyond this page to the next step, which is the signup page, they could increase their number of leads.

This is the Control page they were trying to improve:

Zvitserleven Control

With call-to-action text of the Control being too vague, the team realized that changing it from ‘Ga verder’ (‘Go further’) to a more specific ‘Meer informatie (‘More information’) should give people a better idea about what they can expect on the next page and this should increase clickthrough rate from the landing page.

Here is the Challenger page that was set up with changed call-to-action text:

Zvitserleven Challenger


Some might call this a “small test” and you know how experts always recommend that you should test big changes to get higher conversion lifts. Well, this small test must not have taken more than 5-minutes in our Visual Website Optimizer’s Visual Editor. And the Challenger beat the Original with 99.9% statistical confidence and increased clickthrough to the signup page by 14.41%. This means a projected 5% increase in the annual leads generated by the company. It’s like 1% improvement in leads for every single minute you invested in the test. Ha!

Here’s the Comparison Image for you to see the change that was made:

Comparison Image

Visiting a new site is like visiting a new place. If the signboards (or let’s say, call-to-action text on your website) doesn’t guide visitors in the right direction, they will feel lost. The only difference is, on the Internet, visitors can quickly switch to another website in a minute. Sure you don’t want that.

So if your call-to-action text is quite vague when people are looking for directions on your site and they see something like “Go further,” it can simply make them feel “lost” and cost you a lot of leads. This is why the treatment version that says “More information” performed better than Control and improved conversions for Zvitserleven.

Call-to-action texts serve as “signboards” for your website. If you do not take the pain of making directions clear for your visitors, they won’t take the pain to find out a way to your signup form or whatever your conversion goal is.

One of our previous customers too tweaked their call-to-action copy and saw a 161% increase in their clickthrough rate. So if you have just noticed your data showing a major drop-off at any particular page of your conversion funnel, maybe call-to-action copy tweaks is something that you can test right away.

Playing with call-to-action text is so simple and hardly calls for any time investment but conversion lifts from such tests can still make a huge difference if you are a high-traffic site. Tell people exactly what they can expect by clicking on that button and see how it works for you.

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  1. Hah, interesting, especially since I know this company 😀

    Currently trying to A/B test button text with a » sign 🙂

    Button CTR seems to have increased with 73%

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