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Sales increases by 86% by showing a help section (above the fold)

As a wise man has said: choice often causes indecision. Trouble with online retail websites these days is that they have huge catalogue of products and often such abundance confuses new visitors. This is even more so the case when the product that is to be bought is not something we buy often such as home construction supplies. We often either rely on the advice of construction workers or ask for reviews online. So, imagine the confusion a visitor will face when he needs to choose between single or double bubble insulation? Most visitors will not know such terms.

EcoFoil, one of the retail division of Clickstop, is a leading supplier of radiant barrier and foil bubble insulation for home, pole barn or commercial buildings. They realize the importance of information that can help buyers make decisions. This is why they have a help section which says “Need help finding the right product?” which links to a virtual map and that helps visitors figure out what product they need depending on which part of their home they are trying to insulate.

A/B test: where to show the help section?

In the original design of their homepage, the position of this help section was below the fold where users had to scroll down to see it. Plus, with another section adjacent to it, often it wasn’t noticeable. Here’s how their homepage looked:

Control (Help section center below the fold)

The team at Clickstop thought it could be better to put the help section above the fold where even new visitors can see it without having to scroll down the page. So, they conducted an A/B test using Visual Website Optimizer and found that the Variation indeed worked better. Much to their surprise, the variation with help section above the fold showed an improvement of 86% in sales over the Control. Here’s how the variation looked:

Variation (Help box moved to left sidebar, above the fold)

Needless to say, Ecofoil are very excited about such an upswing in sales. Kendra Smith of Ecofoil also mentioned that Visual Website Optimizer was crucial to help her confirm her theory to increase conversions by moving the help box above the fold on the webpage.

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