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Your Success Framework for 2022

From acquisition to retention: Growth experts share their top tactics

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Key Takeaways

  • The top secrets to boost your growth and acquisition goals
  • How to personalize global marketing content
  • Effective retention strategies to increase the customer lifetime value
  • How to optimize your search engine marketing budgets through conversion rate optimization

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What's in store for you

Acquisition and Conversion Experience

Day 1 on the Growth Experience Masterclass will spotlight growth acquisition techniques that leverage data to meet ambitious goals. We will then go on to talk about CRO and how it can aid in optimizing marketing spend over SEO.

How SEO Works in 2022

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In this Masterclass, Bernard will share exact ways to target relevant search intent, not just keywords. He will also list steps to refresh existing content to maintain search rankings and identify a range of subtopics to help users conclude their search journey.

Masterclass conducted by Bernard Huang Co-founder, Clearscope

Conversion Rate Optimization Masterclass

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In this session, we will offer a hands-on framework and break down the entire customer journey into 8 fundamental experiences which altogether convert a visitor into a client (from the arrival experience to the support experience). Post this, we will outline a guideline that has helped many clients build CRO programs with measurable and repeatable results.

Masterclass conducted by Jan Marks Director Europe & Latin America, VWO
Masterclass Day 2 | February 24, 2022

Engagement and Retention Experience

Day 2 on the Growth Experience Masterclass will focus on ways to engage, and retain users. We will discuss actionable tips for improving email and SMS marketing performance. We will also deep dive into retention strategies that are aimed at increasing the lifetime value of customers.

Top Email & SMS Marketing Trends for Engaging & Retaining Customers

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Customer retention isn’t only about what happens after the sale. In fact, what happens before the sale may be more important for long-term retention. This session will look at newly-released email and SMS marketing data and reveal how ecommerce brands can leverage their marketing channels to engage shoppers at all stages of their journey to not only increase sales but customer retention.

Masterclass conducted by Greg Zakowicz Sr. eCommerce Expert, Omnisend

Top Tips for Understanding and Optimising Retention

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In this Masterclass, the focus will be on what you need to retain users and increase their lifetime value (LTV) to truly drive growth. The session will give you useful tips on better understanding user retention with data and use these insights to optimize retention for growth.

Masterclass conducted by Veronica Chen Customer Success Manager, Mixpanel

Buckle your seat belt - the growth flight is ready for takeoff!

Join us in this enriching discussion and watch your brand soar to new heights as you implement the tactics you learn here.

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