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How a Few Text Changes Helped AwayFind Increase Sign-Ups

91% Sign-ups

About AwayFind

AwayFind is a web application that lets you step away from your inboxes while still letting you receive important and urgent emails in a timely manner by notifying you of those emails through SMS, Voice Call, or iPhone/Android apps. Whether to get some “real” work done, go to a meeting, or even on vacation, AwayFind makes sure that the urgent messages the user specifies still finds them.


Headline is the first thing a visitor notices on a page. If it is not clear, a visitor would just take a broad look at page and leave after a few seconds. But if your headline catches his attention, he would try to understand more about your offering by looking at the copy.

Based on this premise, AwayFind intended to improve the conversion rate on their home page, which gets a mix of traffic from organic, direct, and PPC (AdWords) sources.

Tests run

Getting the headline right is crucial, but getting the copy right is equally important. AwayFind had an interesting headline which said: Checking email every 5 minutes? Stop!

On their original home page, this headline was extended with another headline (of exactly the same size, font, and color). It said: Let us find your urgent messages. Here’s how their home page looked:

AwayFind Control - VWO case study

The team at AwayFind thought of simplifying the copy around headline and slightly changing the layout as well.

They used VWO for doing this A/B test. Here’s the variation:

AwayFind Variation - VWO case study

Note how they removed the second part of the headline and instead replaced it with a sub-headline.


AwayFind thought the new copy was slightly more compelling and that the new layout drew the eye more naturally to the call to action button. And they were right!

They saw a 42% lift in visitors clicking through from the home page and a 91% lift in people completing the setup process.

They admit it themselves: The results were shocking! Small change, big results.

Regarding VWO, they mentioned that VWO made it easy to implement the test and even easier to track the results.

What they learned was that a little copy can go a long way. Four new sentences dramatically improved their results. As a follow-up, they are planning to test the new copy with the old layout to see which of these variables created the biggest impact—a more direct copy comparison.

21 Awayfind


College Park, Maryland (US)



Experiment goals

Increase in CTR on homepage, increase in number of sign-ups


91% increase in Sign-ups

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