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Optimization Begins with Tracking the Right Metrics

VWO helps you track and analyze your key business metrics and visitor journeys on your website.


Keep a close eye on your business Goals

VWO Goals help you continuously track and measure the performance of all your website conversions.

Track any metric in real time

Conversion graphs set up realistic benchmarks for you to compare performance in future. Be it those add-to-carts or the sign-ups on your free-trial form, VWO’s always-on Goals keep track of your performance continuously, all the time.

Track Page Visits

Track all visitors who visit a page on your website. To track specific pages, make use of VWO’s advanced operators such as Include/Exclude and pattern matching.

Track Form Submits

See how many visitors submit a form. These forms can take any appearance and function such as contact information, inquiry, lead generation, and so on.

Track Clicks on Links

Find out how many visitors clicked a hyperlink on your webpage. See how many people shared your articles in a given period.

Track Clicks on Elements

Use this Goal to monitor clicks on individual HTML elements on your webpage. This goal allows you to track clicks on elements like menus, navigation bars, videos, and images.

Track Revenue

Keep a close eye on how much revenue is being generated on the website. You can filter visitors who generated revenue greater than or less than a specific value.

Track Custom Conversions

Anything that matters to your business and is not covered through VWO’s predefined goal types can be tracked with custom conversions.

Track Goal Metrics in VWO

Spot trends in the conversion timeline

VWO continuously monitors all your saved Goals and prepares a data-enriched timeline of how these Goals are performing across a certain time frame.

Create Annotations in VWO

Manual and auto-annotations

Annotate your conversion timeline with contextual notes to make them more insightful. Every time you run an A/B test to improve the performance of a Goal, VWO will automatically annotate the Goal report with the result of the test.

Add Observations in VWO


See a sudden dip in conversions? Add an observation with details on what you think might be causing the dip. VWO will auto-save the state of your Goal report with this Observation.

Dig deeper for more insights

Goal reports offer a 360-degree view of your key website metrics. VWO lets you slice and dice this data to mine new and better insights.

Tracking Goals in VWO

Multidimensional reporting

Visualize every aspect of your conversion rates with Goal reports. Look at Goal reports for conversions, conversion rate, visitors, or visitor sessions that became a part of the Goal.

Visitor segments

Filter your Goal report for a specific set of visitors with over 20 predefined segments, including landing page URL, new versus returning visitors, browser, query parameter, and others.

Advanced filters

Use Goal-specific filters to see visitors who convert the goal on a specific day of the week or in a specific hour of the day, or to see visitors who generated revenue greater than or less than a specific value.

Create once, use everywhere

VWO’s always-on, saved Goals allow you to connect all your optimization efforts to Goal performance.

Build funnels

A combination of Goals, put together in sequence, is used to define conversion funnels for your website. With this combination, you can track conversions for individual Goals as well as track multiple conversions across the journey of a visitor.

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Link tests

Just ran a test on the landing page to improve sign-ups? See how this test impacts the overall conversions for your sign-up Goal.

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Categorize hypotheses

Categorize hypotheses and club these together based on the end Goal these are likely to impact.

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Look for behavioral insights

Compare Heatmaps or Recordings of visitors who converted with those of visitors who did not convert for a Goal.

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VWO Goals have a lot more


Stay on top of all conversion metrics that matter to your business. Instead of tracking these metrics only in unique situations, monitor these closely and never miss sudden highs or lows.

Daily Aggregates

VWO automatically stores daily snapshots of your goal conversion rates. With this data, you can make year-on-year or month-on-month comparison of how sales slow down or pick up during the holiday season each year.

After understanding your data, funnels, and drop-off points, see how VWO’s Analyze capabilities help you understand why users are leaving your funnel.
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