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Analyze how visitors flow through the conversion funnel

Get in the shoes of your visitors with VWO’s qualitative research capabilities. Discover specific insights that help you nudge visitors to the next step.


Record and playback visitor sessions

Use Visitor Recordings to look over the shoulders of your visitors as they interact with your website.

Video Recordings in VWO

Interactive visual player

VWO’s interactive player offers a host of features that let you go through visitor behavior at your own pace..

Mouse trails and clicks

VWO records actual mouse movements as visitors move across pages on your website. You can also see where they clicked (both left and right clicks) and how often they moved up and down on a page.

Pages and sessions

Record visitor behavior-based individual pages or all pages visited in a session.

Adjustable Speed

Perform fast-forward to see how hundreds of people sign up or go slow and focus on every mouse movement and click.

Skip pauses

Skip the time frame during which visitors didn’t perform any action.

Add observations

See a visitor confused in filling up one of your forms? Add an observation right at the stage where the visitor got confused, and VWO will save it with the same time-stamp.

Mine actual behavior for insights

VWO lets you filter recordings on a wide set of parameters to look for insights from a unique set of visitors.

Visitor Segments

Filter your recordings by creating your own advanced custom segments using complex and/or bracketing logic conditions or choose from VWO’s 20 predefined segments including:

  • New vs. returning visitors
  • Mobile, desktop, and tablet traffic
  • Browser
  • Query parameter
+ 17 more
Visitor Segments in VWO

Dig deeper

Want to see recordings of visitors who dropped off at the last step of a funnel? VWO lets you filter recordings for visitors who:

  • Converted for a Goal
  • Didn’t convert for a Goal
  • Dropped off at a step in a funnel and
  • Became part of an A/B test

Advanced Filters

Filter your recordings by the number of pages visited and see what’s making people leave your website. You can also see recordings of visitors who:

  • Dropped off a page
  • Visited a page
  • Visited a certain number of pages
  • Entered/exited a page
  • Stayed on the page for a certain time

Custom Tagging

Use your unique criteria to filter a certain set of recordings. For example, see recordings of visitors who came from an Adwords campaign and added a certain product to cart. VWO captures this data with the help of custom tags defined by you.

Be performance-driven

VWO takes utmost care of your data security and also ensures that recording behavior doesn’t impact the experience of your website.

Data security

By default, VWO anonymizes key presses such that no confidential data of your customers is saved with us. You can also choose to exclude sensitive pages from VWO tracking.


VWO ensures that while recording behavioral data of your visitors, we don’t slow down your website or impact the visitor experience in any manner.

Observing your users will give you ideas to make improvements. Use VWO’s Plan capabilities to collaborate with your team for creating and prioritizing your testing hypotheses, based on these ideas.
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