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The all-in-one platform for all your optimization needs.
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The classic VWO A/B testing and heatmaps solution.
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Best For Individuals, Bloggers, Small Agencies, Small Business Owners

What's Included

  • A/B, MVT, Split Tests powered by SmartStats
  • Visualize visitor clicks with Heatmaps and Clickmaps
  • Basic Targeting Options
  • IdeaFactory to help you develop your optimization strategy
  • Revenue Analysis for your A/B tests
  • Create campaigns with Visual Editor
  • Up to 5 users and 2 sub-accounts
  • Annual Visitor Quota
  • 24x5 Email Support
  • Website reviews by real people
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Get started with research driven testing

What's Included

  • A/B, MVT, Split Tests powered by SmartStats
  • Track Goals and funnels
  • Visualize visitor clicks with Heatmaps and Clickmaps
  • Analyze session playback with page level filters
  • On-page surveys with basic layouts
  • Drop off analysis for form fields
  • Record observations and build Hypothesis
  • Personalize experiences for segments
  • Website reviews by real people
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Leverage a connected platform to generate optimization insights

What's Included

Everything in GROWTH, and

  • Analyze funnel leaks with heatmaps and recordings
  • Compare heatmaps for multiple segments
  • Visualize clicks on dynamic and hidden elements
  • In-page funnel with Scrollmaps
  • Tag session recordings for better analysis
  • View session recordings of A/B Test
  • Log observations with snapshots of data from reports
  • Trigger surveys on exit intent or any custom event
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Secure, scalable and customizable platform built for teams

What's Included

Everything in PRO, and

  • Custom integrations with your enterprise systems
  • Send custom data for visitors
  • Programmatically access data through APIs
  • Advanced security features
  • Website reviews by real people
  • Higher sampling and data retention
  • Geo Target experiences to visitors
  • Survey logic
  • Whitelabel surveys
  • Unlimited accounts and users
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • 24x7 Email and Phone Support
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Add users to your VWO account to allow multiple members to collaborate on the same project. Assign access level to each user to identify their roles and functions based on the task they perform during optimization.

Create sub-accounts to organize your customers into separate accounts. If you are an agency or a large enterprise handling multiple campaigns for different customers or teams, creating sub-account makes it easy for you to manage and run the campaigns.

VWO can easily integrate and work alongside popular analytics tools, content management systems, phone tracking systems, and shopping carts. With a simple one-step integration step, VWO works seamlessly with any website or tracking tools to provide you a more comprehensive campaign results data.

Access VWO API to programmatically start/stop/pause campaigns and integrate VWO reports into your internal business dashboards.

All your research data collected for Goals, Funnels, Heatmaps, Recordings and Forms will be retained on a rolling window basis.

More than 13 targeting options to identify, analyze and engage the right audience.

Generate reports based on different visitor segments on your website. Report segmentation allows you to slice and dice your visitor data to get deeper insights of your website traffic.

Add visitor actions on the page as visitor segment conditions. Tests will execute only when visitors perform the required actions on the page. For example, you may want to display variation changes only after a visitor clicks a button on the page.

Apply our powerful segmentation capabilities to drill down any report in VWO to make more sense of your data.

Run a promotional offer targeting visitors from specific geographies or personalize website content for visitors for specific locations. With VWO’s city, state, country level targeting, reaching out to your niche audience is not a problem anymore.

Target visitors based on IP address.

Target experiences using a custom javascript variable that can define a atrribute or a behavior of a visitor.

Send custom data, attributes or behaviors/events of a visitor from your own data sources.

You can browse through our extensive knowledge base, write to us, or simply give us a call and we will ensure that all your queries are resolved.

Onboarding and training process to help you get started with your website optimization using the best implementation strategies from across the industry.

A dedicated Account manager to understand your requirements and assist you in implementing VWO campaigns. The account manager will invest in your optimization success and help you build a long-term CRO strategy.

Track your website metrics like sales, leads or engagement through 5 different types of goals.

The number of goals that can be active at any point of time across all accounts.

Setup and Track conversion funnels to map your visitors journey and know where they drop off.

View heatmaps and session recordings of visitors who drop off on a particular step in funnel and get to the why of their behavior.

Analyze your conversions with additional filters like Goal URL, Goal Trigger time (day of week and time of day) and Goal Revenue.

Analyze your funnel with additional filters like Funnel URL, Funnel Trigger time (day of week and time of day) and Funnel Revenue.

Save recordings that you find interesting for future collaboration and research.

Visualize user's clicks as hot spots on any page to get deeper insights into their usage pattern.

View users' clicks on any elements of the page as a percentage of the total clicks.

View heat and click maps of variations in a Test to understand the qualitative performance

View heatmaps of your desktop and mobile website

Browse live pages behind a heatmap to gather deeper insights. For example see pages behind a login to understand the actual click patterns

Share heatmaps with your team to collaborate and note observations

See click patterns for visible and hidden elements of a page

Select multiple areas of the page to get a snapshot of the clicks and compare them

See where users drop off on a page by recording and visualizing their scroll patterns

Analyze heatmaps of visitors who have converted/not converted on a goal, who dropped off on a funnel

Record visitor behavior on a page or in a session consisting of navigation to multiple pages

Filter recordings based on parameters like Session Duration, # of Pages visited, Entry page, Exit Page, Visited page

Download recordings for offline sharing and viewing

Share recordings with your team to collaborate and note observations

Send custom data, attributes or behaviors/events of a visitor to help better filtering and analysis of session recordings

Record visitor behavior on different variations of a test to understand the qualitative performance of each version.

Analyze recordings of visitors who have converted/not converted on a goal, who dropped off on a funnel at a particular step

Trigger your survey either to the left or right bottom of your page

Choose from 7 question types like Text box, Radio buttons, Ratings etc

Style your survey with our 10 pre built themes

Trigger surveys based on user behavior like Time spent on a page, Time spent in a session and # of pages viewed in a session

Target surveys to the right visitor using more than 20+ Segments

Ask multiple question survey to your visitors

Calculate your Net Promote Score® with our customizable survey template to find out how likely your visitors are to recommend your product or service to others.

Target visitors with a survey when they are about to leave your site

Trigger survey when a visitor has scrolled to a certain depth on the page

Write custom triggers using Javascript to fire a survey based on event or visitor behavior

Show survey to a user when they see a specific variation of a Test or trigger a goal in a test

Add custom message for visitors taking the survey, both before and after completing the survey

Add custom CSS to completely restyle the surveys to suit your website branding

Define how respondents move through your survey based on their responses

View recordings of the visitor’s entire session based on the responses received

Rebrand surveys with your own brand logo and styling

Track how visitors interact with your forms using our funnel view of visitors interacting with forms

Track how visitors interact with your forms using our funnel view of visitors interacting with forms

Track where and how users abandon your forms

Track visitor hesitation on particular fields of the form

Track why and which fields do visitors ignore on the form

Track which fields get refilled the most number of times

Track the percentage of time taken by visitors on each field

Collect feedback and improvement ideas for your website from users across the globe. Develop your own questionnaire or create a poll to help you identify design issues and get anonymous feedback from users.

Log all your research notes, comments, ideas or facts and store them in one central repository

Create structured hypothesis to define what you are testing and the expected outcome

View your testing roadmap and prioritize your hypothesis

Use our chrome plugin to conduct audits of web pages, take snapshots of reports from other tools and collaborate with your team

Modify headline, buttons, and overall look-and-feel of your website and test is against your current version to find how good is the new variation

Test 100s of changes at once. VWO can combine all the changes you make and generate resulting designs automatically in order to find the best one

Split URL testing allows you to distribute traffic to two different URLs of the same landing page. Unlike A/B testing, you create and host your own pages

Create tests for your responsive websites in a simulated environment for different mobile platforms

Use intuitive point-to-click visual editor to modify pages and create variations of your website, all without having to write a single line of code

VWO allows web developers to make more sophisticated changes by using the Code Editor by changing website doe in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and jQuery.

Schedule to start and stop tests at a specific time, or create repeat schedule to run the test on specific days or the week and month

Save yourself the trouble of digging into data to understand test trends. VWO Reports dashboard shows performance charts and graphs for each goal and design. The tool also enables you to compare different designs to see which is performing best.

Access and browse through hundreds of implementations ideas, case studies, and other resources to help you develop your own conversion optimization strategy

Personalize your website content for specific visitor groups based on visitor behavior, demography, and other parameters. With over 20 targeting options, you can get started with a personalized marketing campaign for your niche market and audience groups.

View heat and click maps of variations in an Test to understand the qualitative performance

Show survey to a user when they see a specific variation of a Test or trigger a goal in a test

Record visitor behavior on different variations of a test to understand the qualitative performance of each version.

Using Mutually exclusive groups, you can make your tests exclusive to one another and ensure that a visitor on your website who is part of one test does not become part of another test from the same group.

Download and share detailed test reports with your stakeholders in .csv format. Detailed reports shows visitor data with all segments, goal completions, and custom dimensions.

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Frequently asked Questions

How is the price for any of the plans determined?

The price of every plan is determined by two factors.

  1. Volume of visitors you want to Test, which includes visitors consumed in A/B, MVT, Split or Personalization campaigns
  2. Volume of visitors on whom you want to conduct Research, which includes Goals, Funnels, Heatmaps, Recordings and Forms

Contact to understand more on what volume of visitors makes sense for your Testing and research needs.

Can I stop subscription or change plans anytime?

Yes, you can stop subscription anytime you wish. You can also upgrade or downgrade plans instantly.

How many domains can I run in one single plan?

You can use VWO on unlimited number of websites or domains in one single plan. You can also segregate different websites or businesses in your organization by using Sub-accounts under one single paying account.

How do I implement VWO on my website?

Integrating VWO on your website needs only a few lines of Javascript code to be included in your website. We also provide easy integrations with CMS and ecommerce stores. Check out our integrations page for more details

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