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Your Website is Broken

Websites are run by product managers, marketing managers, performance marketers, development teams, design teams, conversion rate optimizers, and many other specialists.

Many of them jointly exist in teams.

This leads to specific ownership of smaller parts of a website. The end-to-end experience ends up not being owned by anyone.

And it’s the holistic experience that matters to consumers!


We spoke in-depth with a few marketing leaders and founders to explore:

  • Who truly owns websites
  • How teams are structured
  • How silo-creation is avoided for maximum impact
  • Comparing methods to deliver the best experience to consumers – what’s the best one


Download the eBook to delve deep into this topic. Use the information and knowledge from other leaders’ experience to optimize your team structure and truly have a website conversion rate owner.

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Based on excerpts from speaking to six successful founders, CEOs and CMOs.

Fiona Pietruski

Fractional CMO, VC Backed Startups

Wil Schroter

Founder + CEO

Steve Patti

Brand CMO, Agency CMO, Enterpreneur,
and University Professor

Stuart MacDonald


Dana Severson

Head of Marketing

John Ramey

CEO of multiple startups