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Eliminating One Click + Design Improvement = 33.4% Increase in Conversion Rate

The Company is an online business dealing in window blinds and skylight curtains and is based out of Germany. It is the exclusive importer and distributor of Bloc products in the country. They also offer customized blinds for all types of windows.

To improve the conversion rate of their website, they hired ClickValue — an online digital marketing agency.

The Test

ClickValue did a series of tests on the Dachfenster-rollo website. In this case study I’ll take you through the details of the test that was set-up on one of the most important pages of the website — the page where visitors were required to select the brand of the blind. Originally on this page, visitors had to click on a downward arrow that opened a drop-down list. They could then select one of the available brands and proceed to a different page to choose other specifications such as size, material and type of blind they required. This is how it looked like:


To push more people into the conversion funnel from this page, ClickValue decided to test it against two variations. This test was performed on close to 2000 visitors for a duration of over 50 days with an objective to find out a statistically significant winner out of the three variations.

In the first variation, they replaced the drop down list with names of all brands listed upfront in orange color. This was done with an objective of eliminating the need to click on the drop down list to find the list of available brands. This is how it looked like:


In the second variation, they went a step further and made the list in the form of a series of buttons with the names of brands labelled on them. They also did away with the orange that was used in control and the first variation. Instead, the second variation had a list of big buttons in green color. This is how it looked like:


The goal that they were tracking in this test was the final purchase i.e. conversion of visitors into customers.

The Result

After exactly 53 days of waiting for a statistically significant winner to emerge, the second variation won and increased the conversions by 33.4%.

Both the variations performed better than the original. The first variation also, at 86% confidence, increased the conversion rate by 18.1%.

The key here was making all the information available to visitors upfront and thus reducing the steps required to reach the conversion goal. In the first variation all available brands were shown upfront thus a click was eliminated. The second variation was able to optimize the purchase process further by clearly showing all items in the form of clickable buttons.

Let’s Talk

Good design is the key to optimization. In this case, making the information visually easy to consume made all the difference in the conversion rate. What do you think about this case study? I’ll be happy to talk to you in the comments section below.

Taruna is a Marketer at Visual Website Optimizer. She takes care of paid campaigns and is constantly on a search for interesting ways to promote VWO.

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  1. My opinion when it is related to Conversion.
    The key is to make it simple to convert by providing a clear direction, less options and the most important, less brain activity (not making them thinking too much).

    Usually it works better.

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