Why you should care about increasing your experimentation velocity

Paresh Mandhyan

Paresh Mandhyan

Director of Marketing, VWO

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High-velocity experimentation simply means running experiments at scale. Which is imperative when only 1 in 7 tests ever become successful. 

But sadly, even the best teams today are guilty of running tests in binary numbers and thus seeing worse than negligible return from their experimentation program. 

In this webinar, Paresh Mandhyan, Director of Marketing at VWO, will breakdown popular fallacies around experimentation and explain how we can all run experimentation at scale. He will also discuss some of the mistakes around experimentation that even mature CRO practitioners are guilty of making.

Key Take Aways

  • Why A>B can never be proven
  • Why you should run a test for an integer number of weeks
  • When should you stop your A/B test
  • How technology can help us improve velocity of tests
  • How you can run multiple tests in parallel on the same page

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