Test Multiple Elements Together and Find the Best Converting Combination with VWO

Multivariate testing to test multiple changes at once using VWO
Test multiple changes at once!
In the multivariate testing mode, VWO combines all changes that you make and generates resulting designs automatically. You can then rest and let VWO find out the most converting combination.
The formula is simple:

Multivariate testing creates all possible combinations
3 x 3 = 9
Difference between A/B Testing and Multivariate Testing
A/B and Split Testing A/B and Split Testing Multivariate Testing Multivariate Testing
What Is It Compare two or more versions of a webpage by splitting traffic equally among them Change more than one element on a page, VWO will automatically create all possible combinations and split traffic equally among them
Objective To find out which version gets most conversions To find out which combination of elements on the web page makes the most impact on the conversion rate of the page
Traffic Requirement Relatively Less Relatively high. As the number of combinations increase, traffic requirement per version increases
Best Used For Testing one element on a page or testing radically different pages Testing multiple elements together to find the best converting combination
62% improvement
Multivariate Testing using VWO Multivariate Testing
Hyundai, the automobile giant, increased requests for test drives by 62% using VWO’s multivariate testing. VWO automatically created 8 combinations out of the two variations of three elements -- text, CTA button and image -- that they tested.
Along with multivariate testing, all plans include A/B testing, Split testing, heatmaps, targeting and personalization. See the entire list of features.
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