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VWO support enhanced for SPA frameworks like React, Gatsby, Next.js, Angular, Vue.js

Nitish Mittal Nitish Mittal 2 Min Read

At VWO, we believe in continuous innovation and improvement. With this mindset, we’ve just upgraded our core javascript library to enhance support for the latest javascript frameworks and provide a seamless experience to all VWO users. 

In order words, considering how more and more web applications are being built on the latest single-page applications (SPA) frameworks such as React, Gatsby, Next.js, Vue.js, Angular, etc., we have upgraded the way VWO applies changes on these websites. The improved implementation would ensure a smooth user experience for the visitors.

Some technical background

The latest frameworks use the concept of state-based rendering. For example, in React, whenever a change is implemented in the states, the website’s UI component automatically re-renders itself to its original form in the application. In such a case, when VWO tries to alter the state, React rejects the changes, keeping the state intact to its original form. This creates a sub-optimal experience for website visitors.

To avoid such issues, VWO now keeps track of all the elements that are edited in the Visual Editor while creating any campaigns. Then, while applying the changes, VWO detects DOM mutations on the page (insertion, deletion, and modification of DOM nodes) and re-applies the changes on the elements as appropriate to ensure regularity in user experience.  


VWO ensures that no explicit actions are required to enable this improvement. It’s now an in-built feature available for all VWO Testing and VWO Web Rollouts campaigns built with the Visual Editor, irrespective of the framework on which your website is built.

For more questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to support@vwo.com.

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