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Opt-Out API to give more Control

Hariom Balhara Hariom Balhara 2 Min Read

VWO has been allowing website owners and visitors to opt-out of VWO using a link like https://example.com?vwo_opt_out=1 generated from this page. You can now do this using a JavaScript API.

What you can achieve with the Opt-Out API

  • Immediately stop tracking a visitor when they deny the consent for tracking.
  • Enable tracking for a visitor who provides consent.
  • Ensure consistent website experience for visitors who had initially provided consent and later withdrew it.

What happens in situations where consent is later denied

  •  An A/B test is running on a page where consent is obtained by default. If a consent box is shown later in the journey for the visitor and it is denied, the Opt-Out API can be used to honor this. The API will ensure that VWO does not track the visitor from thereon.
  • If a visitor had earlier given the consent but is withdrawn later. This can lead to an inconsistent website experience since campaign variations could have already been shown to the visitor when consent was available. Opt-Out API has an option to keep showing the same experiences without tracking that visitor to ensure they do not see inconsistent content (such as different variations of the same campaign). Even though the visitor would be seeing the A/B Test changes, conversion data won’t be recorded.

These APIs are applicable to VWO Testing and VWO Insights only. You can read in detail about the API here.

To know more about Opt-Out APIs for VWO Engage check out this article.

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