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Configure Webhooks In VWO FullStack To Fetch The Latest Campaign Settings

Aman Garg Aman Garg 3 Min Read

VWO FullStack is an Experimentation and Feature Flagging platform for mobile apps and backend services. You can test, and rollout/rollback features using VWO FullStack. All of this functionality is available with zero performance impact via easy-to-use SDKs. It allows you to test the algorithms, recommendation engines, subscription flows, etc. 

Whenever you create a campaign in VWO FullStack, it stores a settings file corresponding to your campaign configurations on your server. If you modify any campaign setting(s) via the VWO app, the settings file stored at your server needs to be updated. This process ensures that your campaigns are always running on the latest configurations.

One way to do this is by polling frequently to ensure that you always have the latest settings file. Not only does this increase the load on your server, but there is also a possibility that you may be using the old version of the settings file if you poll it after a long time. 

For example, you have set the polling to 10 minutes, and the campaign gets updated when 9 minutes are still left. In this case, the settings file will not sync with the VWO app.

We provide another way to keep the campaign settings updated via webhooks. With webhook configured, VWO will notify you whenever you change the running campaigns. Therefore, you will get to know when to fetch the settings file. That is, you don’t have to worry whether or not you are using the updated settings file. It helps you to keep the most up-to-date version of the settings file.

For example, as soon as you change the traffic allocation percentage of a variation from the VWO app, VWO will send a call to notify about the same. 

Polling Vs Webhooks Copy 5
Polling vs. Webhooks

Set up a Webhook

To enable the Webhooks, go to Settings > Campaign Settings, and from the Webhooks section, select Enable Webhooks. Now enter the URL where you want to receive the notifications if the campaign settings are changed.

Screen Shot 2020 11 26 At 2 14 42 Pm

Advantages of Using Webhooks

  • Eliminates the need to frequently fetch the latest campaign settings file which reduces the load on your servers.
  • Eliminates the possibility of using the old campaign settings file if not fetched in short intervals.

To know more about Webhooks in VWO, you can refer to this Knowledge Base Article.

NOTE: We have rolled out this feature in all SDKs except GO. In addition, we have also released Environment-level webhooks that help you create separate webhooks for all of your projects, whether it is production, local, or development environments, right inside VWO. You can read more about Environment-level webhooks here.

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