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Target Your Customers in Experiments using VWO’s Integration Ecosystem

Aastha Trivedi Aastha Trivedi 3 Min Read

Suppose you work with an array of customer data platforms, ABM tools, and marketing data repositories that serve as the data engine of customer interactions, behavior, preferences, and buying journeys. In that case, you already know that just having customer data is not sufficient to deliver personalized content and experiences. As part of your digital strategy, how you leverage the data to optimize experiences defines a company’s growth trajectory. 

The ability to target an experiment based on user behaviour or account-level attributes is a powerful lever in the hands of a marketer like you. It opens up a whole set of new use-cases that were (almost) impossible earlier using the conventional targeting methods that focus on demographics – device, browser, location, etc. Some examples are:

  • Campaign to make anonymous visitors convert by showing them a specific promotion while running a different promotion for highly engaged visitors. 
  • Delivering customized content using visitor’s company industry type. 
  • Experiment to deliver personalized, relevant content using visitor’s company revenue range and employee range.

How VWO enables you with Advanced Targeting?

With our ever-growing integration ecosystem, now you can run A/B tests at scale with your unique customer cohorts from your data repository. You can seamlessly import rich data cohorts defined outside of VWO in third-party tools like Demandbase, Triblio, Clearbit, 6sense, and Lytics and run campaigns on them without re-configuring the audience within VWO again. 

Integration 1
For example, you want to target leads from Fortune 1000 companies belonging to sub-industry communications.
Integration 2
For example, you want to show a specific promotion to Anonymous profiles to convert them into leads.
Integration 3
For example, you want to show Pharmaceutical-specific case studies to visitors belonging to that industry in the specific revenue range.

When running campaigns on the imported data, you also gather more customer behavior insights during the experimentation process. This advanced targeting functionality will accelerate your sophisticated experimentation program and help you deliver relevant, optimized experiences to meet your growth goals. 

How does our new Integrations empower your Experimentation Program?

We are building a comprehensive ecosystem of integrations for you because we want VWO to work where your data is. Besides our integration with Tealium  and Mixpanel, we’ve recently added the following to the list of integrations we offer:

ABM Platform: Triblio, Demandbase, 6sense

Customer Data Platform: Lytics

B2B Marketing Data Platform: Clearbit

With these new integrations supported by VWO, you will now be able to:

  • Quickly build B2B audiences using the attributes imported from the integrations.
  • Use the imported audiences as targeting conditions in VWO for A/B Testing campaigns.
  • Test and optimize the experience for a specific set of audiences with targeted messaging to validate your personalization ideas.
  • Create a view to capture recordings for this specific set of audience. This will get insights around how your key audience segments are interacting with your website differently than some of the other audiences.

These integrations are available to all our existing Pro and Enterprise customers for VWO Testing, Insights, and Deploy products.  For more questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out to support@vwo.com. To learn more about configuring and using these integrations for your Experimentation Program, visit our Knowledge Base articles listed below:

Triblio Integration, Demandbase Integration, 6sense Integration, Lytics Integration, Clearbit Integration

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