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Review and Restore Campaign Changes with Version History

Sathyajith Vijayakumar Sathyajith Vijayakumar 3 Min Read

All campaigns are not built in one shot. There could be situations where some subsequent changes are needed to complete all the changes. While you would expect everything to be fine, there are some changes that could cause some issues. Maybe a subsequent change caused something on a page to break, or the additional change is causing an unrelated and unforeseen adverse effect on the website’s performance. This could require you to restore a prior version of a campaign.

A campaign’s version history helps you review the previous versions of any campaign and restore it with a single click. You do not have to remember the changes and manually reverse them to their earlier form. Think of a version as restore points that you can safely return to if you feel that newer changes are causing instability in some way. 

Any VWO Testing or Rollouts campaign will now have its Version History where every change that was made in the campaign is saved as a log grouped by different versions.

How does this work?

When you are making changes using the Visual Editor, all changes are saved as a ‘version’ of the campaign. A version once created is named with the time and date of its creation. So, every time campaign changes are saved, a new version is created. You can optionally rename a version, giving you a handy way to keep track of the changes by filtering the entire list of the campaign’s versions to view only named versions.

Screenshot 2020 10 28 At 4 27 58 Pm
You can invoke the version history of a campaign by hitting the ‘History’ tile on the Editor. The list of versions of the campaign show up on the side panel.

An older version can be previewed and restored. When restored, a new version is created which will carry the details of which version it was restored from. You can even choose to restore specific variation(s) of an older version; the other variations are simply carried over from the currently active versions. If the version has any campaign JS applied, you can choose to restore them also. For a complete detailed rundown of the feature and step-by-step instructions on its options, do check out this article.

NOTE: Version history will be available for newly created campaigns only. For older campaigns, only new changes will create restorable versions.

Currently, Versions are created from changes made with Visual Editor. We will soon support changes made with the code-only mode.

This feature is being rolled out gradually to all accounts and should be available in all accounts by the end of November.

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