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Schedule Recurring Notifications by Timezone using VWO Engage

Gaurav Nanda Gaurav Nanda 2 Min Read

VWO Engage allows you to schedule notifications for a later date or time. In a recent update, we added the capability to schedule notifications by subscribers’ timezone.

While scheduling solved for notifications which could be sent in future, it lacked the ability when the same notification had to be sent multiple times. The user had to duplicate the existing notification, adjust the schedules, and repeat the process multiple times.

In our efforts to further allow better scheduling and robust automation, we have added the capability to schedule recurring notifications.

Recurring notifications allow you to re-engage with your subscribers. With this feature, you can schedule notifications which are sent out to your subscribers on the set schedule like sending a notification for discounts every weekend, or for sending bill reminders before the due date, all of it without you having to come back to VWO Engage Dashboard and duplicate the efforts.

With recurring notifications, you have the ability to choose recurrence by:

  • Every x days: The number of days after which the notification should be sent. For example, If you choose Every 2 days and the first notification goes on a Monday, then, the second notification will be scheduled for Wednesday and the third notification will be scheduled for Friday and so forth.
  • Repeat x times: The number of recurrences of the notification. (Limited to 15)

This feature is available to VWO Engage Pro & Enterprise Plans.

To access the feature, while scheduling a notification, you will see the following option:

Option to schedule Recurring Notifications

To learn about scheduling push notifications in more detail, do check out this article.

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