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Scheduling Push Notifications By Subscribers’ Timezone

Rahul Jain Rahul Jain 3 Min Read

When you send a push notification to your subscribers, the time at which your subscribers receive the notifications becomes a critical factor in the success rate of your campaign. In today’s global landscape, your subscribers are bound to be spread across different countries and timezones. Therefore it becomes important to send notifications at the right time so that you don’t end up sending notifications to your subscribers at odd hours. 

To solve this problem we have launched timezone based scheduling in VWO Engage. There are two ways in which you can schedule notifications by timezone.

  • Send Notifications as per Your Local Time

This option enables you to send notifications to your subscribers as per your local time. This is useful when all of your subscribers are in the same timezone. For example, if you schedule a notification at 18:30 on 7th September 2020 then the notification will be sent to all your subscribers on 7th September 2020 when it is 18:30 as per your local time. 


If you are unsure about the right time at which you should send the notification you can also use our AI-based feature to send notifications at an optimal time. Optimal time uses our intelligent data science algorithms to determine when your subscribers are most likely to engage with your notifications and send the notification at that time. This is calculated based on your historical click-through rate and the country where your dominant subscribers base belongs to.

Note: Sending at optimal time is an enterprise-only feature.

  • Send Notifications as per Subscribers’ Local Time

This option enables you to send notifications to your subscribers in their local time. For example, if you schedule a notification at 18:30 on 7th September 2020 for your subscribers in India and the USA then by selecting this option the notification will be sent to subscribers in India and the USA when the time is 18:30 in the respective countries. 

While using this option, it is important to schedule a notification at least 24 hours in advance in order to capture all time zones within your subscriber base. In case a time zone has already passed before sending the notification then you can choose to send the notification immediately, send a notification the next day, or drop the notification. 


Note: This feature is available for all the customers on VWO Engage Pro and Enterprise plans. 

To learn more about scheduling push notifications by subscriber timezone refer to the knowledge base article.

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