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Introducing funnels for mobile apps: Understand why users drop off before converting

Piyush Sharma Piyush Sharma 3 Min Read

While checking your analytics tool, you notice many users dropping off at a crucial step in your purchase funnel. You’re keen to figure out why, but your tool only shows numbers. You have questions like what users were up to right before they left. Knowing that would give you clues on how to keep them around.

How do you figure this out? Meet the funnel filters in the VWO Insights Mobile App. Funnel filters let you zero in on specific user session recordings, allowing you to see exactly what your users experienced just before they left. 

Say you want to see users who viewed a product, added it to their cart, and hit checkout but didn’t complete the purchase. You can do exactly that. 

You can even mix and match these sequences of events with different user types (e.g., logged-in users) to get a clearer picture of where things go wrong for a user segment.

Funnel Filters 1
Funnel Filters in VWO Insights – Mobile App

Like the above example, events can be used as funnel filters in multiple combinations to understand your app’s important journeys more deeply. Let’s go through a few popular use cases.

Observe critical user journeys

  • Shopping cart abandonment: Users browse and add items to their cart but exit before buying. Pinpoint the moment they decide to leave to improve purchases.
  • Course completion drop-offs: Learners enthusiastically start a course, complete a few modules, and then stop. Understanding where they lose interest can help tailor more engaging content.
  • Gaming progress halts: Players clear the early stages of a game but quit before conquering stage three. Identifying the difficulty spike or loss of interest is key to improving game design.
  • Know your customer(KYC) process abandonment: Users initiate but don’t finish the KYC process. Finding out why can streamline the process and improve completion rates.
  • Feature discovery drop-offs: Users open the app and interact with the main features but miss out on discovering key functionalities that could enhance their experience. Identifying these missed connections can inform better feature promotion and user training strategies.
  • Account creation falloff: Potential users start setting up an account but don’t complete the process. Insights here can reduce barriers to entry.
  • Onboarding tutorial drop-offs: Users start the onboarding but quit before finishing. Pinpointing where they lose interest helps refine the app’s intro to keep them engaged and reduce time to value.
  • Free trial to paid subscription conversion: Users sign up for a free trial but don’t upgrade. Knowing when they decide against paying is crucial for improving the offer.

How can you use funnels in VWO?

Filtering user sessions based on the funnels is a simple 3-click process:

How Can You Use Funnels In Vwo 1 1
Steps to use funnel filters in VWO Insights – Mobile App

Through this process, you’ll uncover actionable insights, allowing you to zoom in quickly on the important parts of the user journey.

Turn insights into action

Knowing why users leave is crucial now more than ever, as a single bad experience is sufficient to churn off a user permanently. With funnels in VWO Insights for Mobile App, you can explore user behavior during key journey stages and conversion points, gaining insights to increase conversions. Learn more about how funnels work in our KB guide.

Excited to try out Funnels? It’s now available for all free trial and enterprise plan users. If you have questions or need to activate this feature, email us at support@vwo.com, and we will help you get started. Together, let’s smooth out your app’s user journey.

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