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Make decisions based on environment-specific data in VWO Testing Server Side campaigns

Thejas Sridhar Thejas Sridhar 4 Min Read

We’re thrilled to announce that VWO Testing – Server Side now supports decision calculation using data from a specific project environment for your experiments.

Earlier, with VWO Testing – Server side, you could only segment reports specific to environments under each project for their campaigns. The post-segment feature helps you get granular insights about campaign performance. However, VWO declares experiment winners based on aggregated data from all environments.

With the new update, you can choose the project and default environment that VWO should use for decision-making. The added feature helps run experiments in cases where eliminating overlap of conversion data across environments is essential. The feature helps determine winning variations according to the exact user behavior within the chosen environment.

Feature Image Winner Based Selected Environment
Winner declared by VWO based on data from a specific environment

How does this update help you?

The update helps you choose winning variations from environments exactly where you plan to deploy the change. 

Imagine you’re a product manager testing a new feature launch. How your employees use the product would differ from how customers use it. While you would like to beta test the features with employees and early adopters, you would still want to know the experiment winner based only on the data from the production environment. Since the cohort of users is different, the winning variation could be different for different environments.

For example, in a retail organization where employees of a certain cadre have a separate purchase portal with concessions and benefits, it is given that the user behavior would be different on the internal portal and the external portal, although the products and interface might be the same. In such cases, if experiments have to be done to test employee benefits, the internal environment can be chosen for winner declaration, whereas for customer-centric experiments, the public environment can be chosen. 

Until earlier, you could only segment the report to view conversions for the environments but could not determine if the overall winning variation was the same as the winning variation specific to an environment. With the feature update, you can choose the environment for which you want the winner. VWO will declare a winner based only on the conversion data from this chosen environment and not cumulatively. So you can deploy the analytically determined best variation post your experiments.

The feature enhancement opens up a wide range of experimentation possibilities and helps you pick the best variation specific to testing environments. You also have a bird’s eye view of conversion across other environments.

How can you enable this option?

While setting up a campaign, by default, VWO calculates the winner using conversion data from all environments selected for the project. To use only one environment, you must enable the checkbox that says, “Calculate the winner using data from a specific environment of a project.”

This option can be enabled or disabled only while setting up the campaign and cannot be changed once the campaign has started.

Env Screenshot
Enabling winner calculation using data from a specific environment

While conversion data and all other components of the reports remain the same, VWO will declare a winner based only on the conversion data of the selected project and environment. 

 The winner variation declared by VWO based on conversion data for ‘prod’ environment under the new project

You can segment reports by environments, filter them, and analyze them by exporting them or pushing them to analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Mixpanel, etc.

Excited to try it out?

Winner calculation using data from specific environments is now available on VWO Testing – Server Side. You can get a detailed, step-by-step overview of how to enable this feature from this knowledge base article.

For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact support@vwo.com.

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