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Segment Reports by the Environment in VWO FullStack

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

When creating a Feature campaign or A/B campaign using FullStack, developers test the campaign using staging/non-production environment SDK key (environments are isolated systems running applications – for eg: companies usually have one production environment and one or more testing/staging environments).

Testing the FullStack campaign before enabling them in the production environment adds testing data to VWO reports. The testing data in the reports does not allow the experimentation team to get an accurate assessment of the campaign performance.

To address the above, we’ve introduced environment-specific reporting, which enables customers to obtain a report tailored to the environments of their interest – typically the production environment. 

For all (new) campaigns created after the release of the above-mentioned feature, FullStack reports will feature an environment selection toggle (shown in the video below). By default, “All” is selected – All is a special value that represents data from all the environments.

We hope enabling environment level reporting will make the job of the experimentation team easier and remove the guesswork related to testing data. You can read more about this feature in our knowledge base 

PLEASE NOTE:  The above mentioned is being rolled out gradually. Please reach out to us at support@vwo.com to get it enabled in your account on priority.

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