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Introducing a redesigned experience for creating your Testing campaigns

Arjun Kunnath Arjun Kunnath 3 Min Read

We’re thrilled to announce a significant transformation in how you create Web testing campaigns in VWO. This redesign is more than just a facelift; it’s informed by real challenges, user feedback, and a forward-looking vision. 

Here’s why we changed things up:

Firstly, we listened to you, our valued customers. We learned that the one-size-fits-all, step-by-step campaign creation didn’t suit everyone. Some of you wanted to jump straight to metrics, while others wanted to kick off with variations. The need for greater flexibility became abundantly clear, prompting us to reimagine the campaign creation flow.

Secondly, as VWO has expanded its offerings, we’ve packed in a myriad of powerful features. However, these features weren’t always easy to find. Our user experience analysis revealed a need for a more intuitive interface to enhance feature discoverability.

Finally, as an industry leader in optimization, we believe in setting the bar high. This update aligns us with modern, industry-standard designs to offer you an even better user experience.

The new design centers on three core pillars:

  1. Ease of campaign creation
  2. Collaboration in campaign creation
  3. Discoverability of features

What’s changed, and how does it benefit you?

1. Flexible campaign creation: Now, you can start configuring the campaign with any element of your campaign, be it a metric, variation, or target audience. Collaborate as a team on different parts of an experiment simultaneously, work with agility to create tests, and, in turn, speed up test setup with our new interface.

New campaign configuration process 

2. Streamlined execution: Launch your campaigns faster with only three mandatory steps. Choose the campaign page, select your metrics, and create variations in any order that suits you. This new approach ensures a quicker and more efficient setup, improving your experimentation & optimizing velocity.

Mandatory Steps
Three mandatory configurations before you start a test campaign

3. Comprehensive pre-launch review: Never worry about manual errors slipping through and affecting your testing program. Review your entire test campaign with a live preview and detailed screenshots of the variations. This thorough overview ensures accuracy and alignment with your campaign objective, so you confidently launch it.

Campaign pre-launch review options

4. Seamless post-launch management: Navigate effortlessly to your campaign report once your campaign is live. Plus, all additional configurations like audience selection, triggers, integrations, scheduling, and privacy options are neatly organized under “More configurations.”

Campaign report and other configurations

5. Enhanced feature discovery: We’ve made essential features like the activity timeline, campaign cloning, report sharing, et al., more prominent and accessible.

Essential features surfaced for faster discovery

Ready to explore? 

The revamped campaign creation flow is now available in VWO Testing – Web. Dive into this fresh experience right away, and remember, you can always switch back if you prefer the previous version.

Need a hand or have a question? Reach out to support@vwo.com. Our friendly support team is here to help.

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