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Improved Management of Saved Segments

Anshul Gurbaxani Anshul Gurbaxani Less Than a Min Read

Segments are a way to group a set of visitors with a common trait. You can use segments to target a set of visitors or filter your reports in VWO Testing, VWO Insights, and VWO Web Rollouts. VWO offers you many segments out of the box, such as mobile traffic, email traffic, or direct traffic and these segments are available under the Standard Segments.

In case you want to combine two or more segments mentioned above or use a condition that is not predefined in VWO, you can use the Custom segment option. You can also save custom segments in case you want to reuse the same condition anywhere across VWO. They are saved as My Segments.

Before this enhancement, you could only create and edit saved segments. Now you can also clone and delete segments you have saved in your account.

To learn more about segments in VWO, refer to this knowledge base article. This article also has a short video that can give you a quick overview.

VWO Insights, VWO Testing, VWO Web Rollouts
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