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Targeting Visitors Using Attributes List in VWO

Shubham Garg Shubham Garg 3 Min Read

One of the key components of running A/B tests is effective user targeting. Through targeting, you define the audience & the place (specific URLs) where you would run the test. The audience could be defined around various visitor properties such as browser, geolocation, new/returning visitors, landing page URL etc.

In cases involving sophisticated targeting, you might want to target the tests to audiences defined in 3rd party systems such as CRM, E-commerce stores. This targeting is achieved leveraging the attributes which are identifiers such as cookie value, JavaScript variable or others & the same are uploaded to the testing platform while setting up the campaign. 

Introducing VWO Attributes List

VWO Attributes List simplifies the process of attribute-based targeting such that you can setup the tests faster without needing Engineering help every time. 

Let’s take a look at the process of setting up one such test with and without the Attributes List feature. Let’s say the test is targeted at an audience called Premium Users.

Earlier, to set up a campaign like this, you’d need to get in touch with your engineering team to create cookies or to place a new JavaScript variable for these users, which would then be used in VWO to target tests to specific users. These steps would need to be repeated every time you choose to target a new set of users. 

With Attributes List feature, we’ve simplified the process – Now, all you need to do is create a list (.csv or.txt) with the user ids & upload it to VWO while setting up the campaign (assuming user ids or any similar unique identifier for all your users is already present on the page in the form of a JavaScript variable or a cookie). Even if you have a new list of users to target, all you would need to do is export their user ids and upload as a new list in VWO. All this, with no dependency on your ability to write code or getting engineering help.

Without Attributes ListWith Attributes List
Campaign setup processCreate cookies/place a new JavaScript variable for the users & use the same in VWO campaignUpload the user ids directly to VWO
External team’s helpEngineering help required to create cookies/place a JavaScript variableNot required
Setup VelocityTakes time since cookies/JavaScript variable needs to be setup by EngineeringRelatively faster since there is no dependency on Engineering

To learn more about Attributes List in VWO, refer to this knowledge base article. It also has details about Attributes List Format and would give you complete context about the feature.

Note – Attributes List feature is available in early access for select Enterprise customers of VWO. If you’re on the Enterprise plan of VWO & would want to give it a try, you may raise a request in the form below

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