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Run Mutually Exclusive Experiments with VWO FullStack

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

The ability to run mutually exclusive experiments is considered a key weapon in the arsenal of any experimentation team, reasons being :

  1. The experimentation team can be confident about the reporting data of each experiment to be free from noise and bias of other experiments being run.
  2. As a side effect of 1, the experiment team can move with greater velocity – No longer do they need to run important experiments serially.

VWO Testing already has the ability to run mutually exclusive experiments, now with the same ability in VWO Fullstack our customers can make sure the experimentation program can run at a high velocity – More experiments in the same amount of time without worrying about the “Interaction effects”.

Concept of Mutually Exclusive experiment groups:  To run mutually exclusive experiments in VWO FullStack, the experiments which can potentially influence each other are required to be added to a mutually Exclusive experiments group.

On doing the above, whenever VWO FS SDK’s evaluate what Experiment/variation combination is to be given as the output – It is made sure only one experiment is chosen randomly from the mutually exclusive experiment group.

Experiments can be added to a Mutually exclusive experiment group in 2 ways :

  1. Via VWO account settings. Go to  Account settings > Campaign > Click on Mutually Exclusive group
Screenshot 2021 08 20 At 8 27 40 Am

2. While creating a VWO FullStack AB/Feature test and specifying mutually exclusive settings in Advanced options.

Screenshot 2021 08 20 At 8 26 03 Am

Mutually exclusive experiments are LIVE in the following VWO FullStack SDK’s:

We are planning to soon bring mutually exclusive experiments to VWO FullStack Go, Ruby and .NET SDK’s,

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