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Track Returning Users Easily and Accurately using VWO FullStack

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

Double counting the returning users and their conversions is the BIGGEST risk for a successful CRO campaign. At VWO our developers and product managers are continuously working to create mechanisms to eliminate common customer mistakes occurring while creating campaigns.

The old way – More responsibility on developers to make sure users and their conversions are tracked correctly.

When using VWO Fullstack SDK’s to implement server-side A/B tests and Feature tests, the onus was on the developer implementing the code to:

  • Avoid sending multiple calls for the tracking a user becoming part of the test (activate SDK call) even if when the user became part of the test multiple times (multiple visits or interactions)
  • Avoid sending conversion calls(track SDK call) when the user was not part of the test – This usually happens when tracking conversion code is part of a different function/method

The new way – VWO SDK’s internally makes sure duplicate/redundant tracking of users/conversions in a test are recorded correctly

The following improvements only work when a persistent data store is used in conjunction with our SDK’s.

  • Elimination of duplicate tracking of users – When tracking a user in a VWO campaign the SDK will automatically check – in case of a repeat user the SDK will forgo incrementing the user count in VWO reports.
  • Eliminate conversion tracking of users who have not participated in a campaign – Whenever a track event is fired, the VWO SDK checks the storage to verify if the user has been part of the campaign – If not, the conversion does not show up in the VWO reports.

PLEASE NOTE: Using persistent storage is one of the best practices for implementing VWO Fullstack campaigns. You can read more about the use of storage when implementing VWO Fullstack in our developer docs – https://developers.vwo.com/reference#fullstack-sdk-customization-implement-a-user-storage-service

What’s coming next: We are working on removing redundant tracking of users and their conversions in our data processing pipeline (backend) – even in cases where storage service is not being used, only the correct data flows into VWO reports.

PLEASE NOTE: The improved tracking is available only in our NodeJS and PHP SDKs for now. You can read more about the changelogs here :

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