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Get personalized optimization ideas for your website using AI on VWO

Thejas Sridhar Thejas Sridhar 5 Min Read

Generative Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing innovation at a never-before pace to our doorstep. We at VWO work incessantly to keep our products at the forefront of innovation. To help our users start testing and run a continuous optimization program on their websites to reach their goals, we bring the power of Generative AI to our web testing product as an early access enhancement.

We’re thrilled to announce AI-generated testing ideas. AI on VWO helps you generate personalized testing ideas exclusive to your website that you can review and add to your hypothesis backlog on our client-side testing product, VWO Testing – Web. With this enhancement, you always have a surplus of highly relevant ways to optimize your website and maximize conversions. The feature will help CRO managers, business product managers, e-commerce managers, and top optimization experts to build a pipeline of accurate, contextual A/B testing ideas for their websites based on their specific KPIs and goals. 

Why you’ll love this enhancement?

Generative AI on VWO can help you in two ways:

  1. Generating an umbrella of testing ideas for a webpage
  2. Generating testing ideas to optimize specific goals

Let’s dive deeper to understand this with an example.

1. Generating an umbrella of testing ideas for a webpage

Let’s say you run an e-commerce website like the one shown below, and you are looking for optimization ideas that can help you improve conversions on the home page. 

Sample ecommerce website
Sample image of an e-commerce website

To get started, all you have to do is enter your webpage’s URL and wait for AI to do the magic. You can also leverage the generative AI engine from within VWO to get optimization ideas for multiple domains and individual web pages under each web domain. The feature organizes the list of pages by domain so you can navigate them easily whenever needed.

Idea generation URLs sorted by domain
Drop-down sorted by domain

By default, the AI provides A/B testing ideas specific to the selected web page. Since we entered only the page URL (without any particular goal), the AI generates optimization ideas for various areas of improvement on the page. 

You can browse the list of ideas and open the one you like to look at in more detail –  the hypothesis, the actionable, and the scientific principle that forms the basis for the idea. If you find an idea you would like to implement as a VWO test, you can add the idea as a hypothesis to your VWO Plan’s idea backlog. There is no restriction on the number of ideas you can add as a hypothesis, so you can build your whole testing pipeline using this feature.

To help us improve the feature, you can also ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ an idea and share the reason with VWO’s team so that the AI recommendation model keeps evolving to serve you better ideas. You can ‘star’ all the ideas you think are important to revisit later. On the other hand, if you think an idea is irrelevant or inaccurate, you can delete it from the list!

Adding ideas as hypothesis, liking and disliking ideas, starring and deleting ideas on VWO

2. Generating testing ideas to optimize specific goals on a webpage

While an umbrella of ideas is good, you may want more specific optimization ideas. Let’s say you want to increase clicks on a product listing page’s ‘Add to Cart’ button. The AI analyzes your page and, along with ideas, also gives you relevant goal suggestions that help you optimize the page’s elements, such as the header text content, CTA buttons, social proof, and more. To get optimization ideas for a particular goal, you can select one of the ‘goal suggestions’ given by VWO for your page or use the input text box to ask the AI for specific ideas. Once you type and select the goal, VWO gives you optimization ideas for the entered goal relevant to the chosen web page.

Generating ideas for a specific goal on en e-commerce website

Idea generation examples from other industries

Generating ideas for a SaaS website

Idea generation for a gaming website

The secret sauce behind the enhancement

For those who like to know the tech behind the magic, VWO harnesses the capabilities of the latest AI models from OpenAI and Google and couples it with refined, contextual prompts to give you accurate and personalized testing ideas.

Giving the right prompts to the AI is crucial to maximize this feature. Your prompts help the AI generate ideas that you can add to your optimization pipeline with a structured approach. You can organize suggestions by adding a priority score to the ideas on VWO’s program management tool, VWO Plan, and collaboratively build a series of tests to build a roadmap.

Excited and wanting to know more?

Are you excited to generate testing ideas with VWO? Idea generation by AI  is currently available in its early access form on  VWO Testing – Web. You can log in to try the feature if you’re a VWO Testing – Web customer. If not, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial to access VWO. 

Need assistance or have questions? Reach out to our dedicated support team at support@vwo.com.

Moreover, VWO will soon be able to generate personalization ideas based on your webpage and goals. Stay tuned for that!

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