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Introducing VWO’s AI in Surveys to understand customers’ voice faster

Piyush Sharma Piyush Sharma 3 Min Read

In the forever transforming digital world, it is crucial to understand your customer’s needs and behavior firsthand. Surveys have always been a powerful tool for this purpose and an integral part of the VWO Insights product.

With the new Generative AI update to our existing survey capability, we are taking it up a notch. This update will assist you in crafting surveys quickly, interpreting their results promptly, and obtaining more insights aligned with your survey goals.

Our latest update offers two game-changing features:

  • AI-powered survey creation
  • AI-generated survey reports

AI-powered survey creation

Craft perfect surveys with AI assistance

Do you struggle to determine which questions you should include in your survey? VWO’s AI can help! 

All you have to do is specify your survey goals, such as gaining insight into customer pain points or receiving product feedback, and the AI will handle the survey creation for you. You can choose from a list of predetermined goals (e.g., support experience evaluation, understand user preferences) or create your own. Then, the AI assistant will generate questions relevant to your specific needs.

For example, if you’re interested in discovering the features your customers want or need improvements on, simply select the “Collect Feature Requests” goal. The AI will create questions to help you discover customer preferences and identify improvement areas.

Survey Ai Questions

Regenerate until you are satisfied

VWO’s AI for surveys has been extensively trained to provide you with the best possible questions. However, there could be cases when you don’t like the questions. In such cases, regenerate questions until you craft the ideal survey.

Regenerate survey questions with AI in VWO Insights

Rewrite your existing questions

Take complete control of the questions in your survey. With just one click, you can efficiently rewrite any question with AI without losing the context of your survey goals. This saves the time you spend brainstorming and researching the best survey language.

Rewrite survey questions with AI in VWO Insights

AI-generated survey reports 

Understand your audience’s pulse quickly

The next important step for you is understanding the survey report and getting customer insights from your survey responses so that you can take action on them. 

VWO’s AI-enhanced survey reports make this task super simple, and it goes beyond manual review to unlock a deeper understanding of your audience. 

Consider an example where you want to understand visitor feedback about your blog’s content. The new reporting features provide insightful survey summaries and actionable suggestions for improvement at the click of a button. Here’s how:

AI Powered Survey Report in VWO Insights

Summary & key insights

Get a comprehensive and concise summary of your survey results. Discover critical takeaways that showcase the most valuable insights, including the feedback comments provided by respondents. All the necessary information is distilled into easy-to-understand points.

Actionable suggestions for improvement

Beyond just presenting data, the AI analyzes the feedback from the survey to suggest specific actions you can take. Whether it’s a tweak in your product or an adjustment in your marketing strategy, these actionable insights provide a clear path to improvement.

Try VWO’s AI-powered surveys today

VWO’s AI-powered features bring new efficiency and insight to your survey creation and reporting process. Try it today and elevate your understanding of your audience. The feature is currently in beta. If you want to try it, please request to enable it by contacting support@vwo.com or informing your customer success manager. If you don’t have a VWO account, sign up for a free trial here and request the feature.

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