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Discover and Enable Integrations via the Integrations Section Inside the VWO Dashboard

Puneet Kaura Puneet Kaura 2 Min Read

Integrations allow VWO customers to evaluate the impact of CRO on business KPI’s by enabling easy data exchange b/w VWO and other tools. Supporting a large set of integrations makes the life of the marketer conducting CRO easy and improves the impact of CRO.

The release of a dedicated Integrations section within the VWO dashboard is the first step in a series of releases that would enable VWO customers to easily exchange data (send VWO data and receive data) with other tools/systems. With the aforementioned data exchange, VWO customers will have the ability to use VWO to optimize any business KPI.

The new Integrations section is located in the left panel (image below) inside the VWO dashboard

Integrations section in VWO dashboard

Integrations Section enables VWO customers to: 

  1. Discover integrations in one place- VWO customers can easily access and get updated information about the complete set of integrations available with VWO.
  1. Enable One-click integrations for Analytics/Clickmap/Heatmap integrations – Via the Integrations section, VWO customers now have the ability to install analytics integrations like Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc without installing code snippets manually on their respective websites.
  1. Request new integrations – VWO customers now can request new integrations to the VWO product/dev teams, submissions will be used to prioritize the development of new integrations.

We are working to add more integrations and improve the existing ones in Q1-2021 – please watch this space. To know more about the integrations section please refer to the knowledge base article 

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