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Introducing the in-app comments feature in VWO: Collaborate with your colleagues seamlessly

Thejas Sridhar Thejas Sridhar 4 Min Read

At VWO, we recognize that cross-functional teamwork is essential for creating data-driven, optimized visitor experiences. When teams collaborate, insights from one campaign inspire new ideas, which in turn helps create a continuous pipeline of optimization campaigns. That’s why we’re excited to share our new comments feature.

Our new comments feature is part of campaign management for insights, testing, personalization, and rollouts. This feature helps teams log, discuss, and brainstorm interesting observations, tag campaigns, and team members to collaborate on the next steps. Our goal with this feature is to streamline and enhance cross-team collaboration, making it more seamless and efficient.

How does using in-app comments help you?

1. Get complete context for quick campaign iterations

Start commenting on new threads or specific actions in your campaign’s activity timeline. Use @ to mention VWO users and # to tag specific metrics or variations for complete context.

Our comments feature keeps your team updated and aligned. Tagging colleagues with @ directs their attention to key actions or decisions, while # tags add detailed context, making it easy to understand every aspect of the campaign. This promotes effective collaboration, as everyone can see the full picture irrespective of whether they are logging observations, discussing changes, or brainstorming the next steps.

Using comments in VWO

Users who made the original campaign modification, those tagged, subscribers to the thread, and those who add comments receive email notifications, ensuring timely updates. Colleagues can easily reply and share their thoughts. 

Did you make a mistake or forget a tag? You can quickly edit or delete your comment, keeping communication clear and accurate.

Screenshot 2024 06 17 At 4 47 07 Pm
Edit comments on campaign activity timeline

For example, if your marketing team sees a spike in conversion rates after changing the CTA button on your landing page, they can immediately comment on the campaign’s activity timeline. By tagging the updated CTA metric with # and @ mentioning the design team, they can ensure everyone knows the exact change and its impact. With complete context, the design team can quickly replicate the successful CTA change across other pages, speeding up implementation and, consequently, better conversions.

Tagging design team to replicate changes from better variation of one A/B test to all pages

2. Never miss the action of an exciting campaign

If a comment thread sparks your interest, subscribe to it to receive all updates directly in your inbox. You will then receive email notifications for all comments on the particular thread! You can unsubscribe from threads at any time to stop receiving email notifications.

Subscribe or unsubscribe from email notifications

For example, product owners can subscribe to a comment thread on optimization campaigns on the website’s navigation bar to track product visibility changes. They can also quickly share ideas to guide the experiment in the right direction by steering discussions based on their prior knowledge, learnings, and organization-level priorities.

Grouped by categories for a clean look

All the comments on your campaigns’ activity timeline are auto-grouped under three categories: 

  1. ‘Automation’ – actions that are triggered automatically by VWO 
  2. ‘Comments’ – comments or threads created by users to discuss or collaborate on specific campaign activities or observations.
  3. ‘Activity’ – comments about user actions modifying the campaign’s status, such as campaign paused.

This grouping makes it easy to zero in on your discussions of interest.

Comments by grouping

3. Act on real-time insights and learn from past campaigns

Streamline approvals and feedback to swiftly implement ideas based on real-time data. Regularly review campaign performance to address underperforming segments and avoid lost conversions. Analyze past campaign outcomes to identify successful strategies and avoid repeating mistakes, ensuring future campaigns resonate better with your audience.

4. Share campaign observations and insights across geographies

Keep global teams aligned on optimization campaigns with VWO. Comments within VWO ensure clear, effective communication across time zones. For example, a marketing team in the USA can share campaign insights with their counterparts in India asynchronously, maintaining complete context and enabling them to replicate success.

Excited and want to know more?

Adding in-app comments to the campaign’s activity timeline is available across Pro and Enterprise plans of all VWO products except VWO Plan. Please check out our knowledge base article to learn more and set them up in your VWO account.
Need help getting started? Contact us at support@vwo.com, and we’ll set you up in no time.

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